Donald J Trump

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Transcript of Donald J Trump

  • 1. Donald J. Trump Youre Fired!
  • 2. History Born in 1946 Graduated from Upenn and joined the family business in real estate with his father in Brooklyn First big deal- 1974-Commodore hotel into Grand Hyatt in Manahattan First national attention-1982- leased property on 5th avenue across from Tiffany and Co. Commodore hotel Grand Hyatt Redesigned it and turned it into Trump Tower.
  • 3. What does he do? Early career Started by making real estate deals and investments Chairman and CEO of Trump Organization Turns properties into high end residential buildings in Manhattan
  • 4. Career Today Trump Hotels Trump Casinos Trump award winning Golf Courses Trump Productions Trump Model Management The Apprentice Net worth -around 3 billion
  • 5. A Closer Look Owns largest hotel-casino in the world the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City Opened Trump International Hotel and Tower, a 52 story luxury hotel in Manhattan One of three hotels in the country that earned double mobil 5 stars
  • 6. Trump Expansion Coming Soon- hotels and golf courses in: Dominican Republic UAE Panama Turkey South Korea Canada
  • 7. Impact on Society Made Trump brand name famous around the world- His name sells Philanthropist Built beautiful buildings and golf courses-Donald Trump Trump University-teaches other his business skills Got Americans everywhere saying Youre Fired Trump Panama