Don' t Take Life For Granted Part 2!!!

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Don' t Take Life For Granted Part 2!!!

Transcript of Don' t Take Life For Granted Part 2!!!

  • 1. Dont TakeLife ForGranted Part 2

2. Life is fragile, its precious, its short enjoy it!! Smile, say hello to peopleyou dont know who look like theycould use a friend, dont take yourfriends or family for granted. 3. Dont worry so much over thelittle things, dont fight over thelittle irritations of life, say I love you to the people you love. 4. Enjoy your time where everyou are, at work, at the gym, ata friends house, at the library,resting at your house, in a parkjust enjoy every moment. 5. You never know when life withthrow you a huge trial and thwart all your dreams and goals. Your health is fragile. 6. And these days there are more and more diseases, illnesses, crime, accidents, addictions,catastrophes, you name itits probably here on earth. 7. Be careful. Give support to thosearound you. Donateto charity whenyou can. You never know what couldhappen tomorrow. 8. Tomorrow-Ill tell him just whathe means, that living and loving with him is in my dreams 9. Tomorrow-Ill give a big hug to mum, say a quick thank you for all that shes done. 10. Tomorrow-Ill call or even drop by,Ill say I love you state all the reasons why. 11. Tomorrow-Ill go about getting in touch, with forgotten friendsI miss so much. 12. Tomorrow-Ill take the first step to my goal, that Ive always thought would make my life whole. 13. Tomorrow-Ill count all myblessings in life, consider itprivilege to be a midwife 14. But what should I do if that daynever comes, and all goodintentions come undone. 15. If life should spin a crazydance, all these things andyou never got the chance. 16. If you woke up tomorrow to findthat theyd gone, looked at your list, realized youd done none. 17. All the things you were goingto do today, a million things you never got to say. 18. Would you be confident that youd given your all, or guilty that youdidnt make that call? 19. Could you be at peace, contentthat they knew, just how muchthey all meant to you? 20. To avoid that nightmare never becoming real, love life, loveothers and show how you feel. 21. Its so important to let those who surround us know that we love them. We almost take it forgranted that they willalways be there but in lifethat isnt always the case.So let the people you love know how they fill your life with purpose.Thank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn