Doing wikipedia when you're not editing wikipedia

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How GLAM institutions and organisations can support wikipedia and similar initiatives without engaging in them directly.

Transcript of Doing wikipedia when you're not editing wikipedia

  • 1. Doing wikipediawhen you're not editingwikipediaStuart Yeates

2. History Started 10 years ago 100 million hours of TV / day in the USA Divert 1% of those hours Build an encyclopedia ...from the point of view of TV watchers GLAM + diversity initiatives 3. 1Encourage the generation of qualitysecondary sources 4. 2Digitise Holdings 5. 3Open licensing of holdings 6. 1 3These are the primary reasons welove GLAM institutions 7. 4Open licensing of institutionally-generatedcontent 8. 5Publishing historical institutionalcontent to the web 9. 6Publishing historical industrycontent to the web 10. 7Publishing obituaries 11. 8Encouraging user groups to publishreviews 12. 9Use an interoperable authoritycontrol scheme 13. 10Don't change your URLs 14. Systematic Bias Understand what biases you have Understand that individual Wikipedia editorsare almost certainly worse than you are Things you can do to help... 15. 11Churn historical institutional content 16. 13Prioritise historically female-dominatedprofessions andorganisations 17. 14Prioritise historically Mori-dominatedprofessions andorganisations 18. 15Encourage the generation of qualitysecondary sources 19. 16Proper authority control for iwi 20. 17Use proper personal names 21. 18Use specific geographical names 22. Questions?