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  • 1. Documentary Research Howard Smith

2. One Born Every Minute is a Britishobservational documentary series whichshows the day to day activity of a labourward.The factual series is made by DragonflyFilm and Television Productions, whichis part of Shine GroupThe first series won a 2010 BAFTA forbest factual series, the second serieswas nominated for a 2011 BAFTA forbest factual series. Airlock whodesigned the interactive and multimediamaterial to accompany the series werenominated for a 2010 BAFTA "NewMedia Award. 3. Documentary ModeOne Born Every Minute is a fixed-camera observationaldocumentary. Channel 4 seem to be showing more fixedcamera observational documentaries. The documentary is shotin a hospital in Southampton.Using a fixed-camera observational style documentary issomething that I will not be using in my documentary as mine isnot an observational documentary. But this style ofdocumentary seems to be effective for scenes which arelocated in a building and want to recorded basically 24 hours aday without having to have a camera crew to be there. 4. DocumentariesChannel 4 documentaries are usually about people lives andcurrent social event/issues.They mainly serve the purpose of entertaining the viewer andnot always educating as the documentaries dont haveeducational purposes.TV series such as Misfits, Made in Chelsea etc. are whatChannel 4 do most. Seeing as documentaries are not the mainthing that channel 4 do they still remain the be very popularand entertaining for the viewer.