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Presentation about how to run Docker on AWS EC2 with AWS OpsWorks.

Transcript of Docker on AWS OpsWorks

  • 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Running Docker on AWS Jonathan Weiss @jweiss Amazon Web Services
  • Docker on AWS Do it yourself on EC2 Automate with AWS OpsWorks AWS Beanstalk simplecontrol
  • Integrated application management service on EC2 powered by Chef
  • Chef Setup Chef Client/Zero & OpsWorks Backend Chef Client & Chef Server
  • OpsWorks Architecture OpsWorks Backend OpsWorks Agent EC2, EBS, EIP, VPC, RDS, ELB, Auto-Scaling, Auto-Healing, On-instance execution via Chef client/zero Command JSON Command Log+Status
  • Chef Setup in OpsWorks Supported Chef versions: 0.9, 11.4 or 11.10 Built-in convenience cookbooks / bring your own Chef run is triggered by life cycle event firing Event comes with stack state JSON
  • Why run Docker on OpsWorks? Full control of Docker version & install Full control of mapping container to instance Automation of AWS resources Resource discovery, e.g. other containers
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • Stacks & Layers
  • Modeling in OpsWorks
  • Layers Group of instances with common behavior & settings Chef recipes / run_list Settings / attributes Similar to a Chef role
  • Built-in Layers Open Source at Rails MySQL PHP HAProxy Node.js Memcached Java Ganglia
  • Custom Layers Define your own layers and their Chef run_list Erlang app server Cassandra DB cluster C daemon Custom PHP install Docker!
  • Custom Layers
  • Custom Layers
  • Custom Layers
  • Event Life Cycle
  • Events Events are triggered when your stack changes: Chef run_list per event per layer Give you fine-grained control
  • Life Cycle Events 1 9 setup configure deploy undeploy shutdown
  • Instance Life Cycle new
  • Instance Life Cycle new
  • Instance Life Cycle new online setup configure
  • Instance Life Cycle new online setup configure deploy
  • Instance Life Cycle new/stopped online setup configure terminating shutting down deploy configure
  • Setup Event Sent when instance boots Includes deploy event Use for initial installation of software & services Install Docker
  • Configure Event Sent to all instances when any instance enters or leaves online state Use for making sure the configuration is up-to-date Update etcd config
  • Deploy Event Sent when you deploy via UI/API also part of each setup Use for custom deployment Deploy Dockerfiles / images
  • Undeploy Event Sent via UI/API when apps are deleted Use to remove apps from running instances Stop containers
  • Shutdown Event Sent when an instance is shut down ~45s to execute Use for clean shutdown
  • Stack State JSON Each event gets JSON / attributes that define the current stack state: node[:opsworks] search(:node, "role:db-master") node[:opsworks][:layers] search(:node, "*") node[:opsworks][:instance] node[:opsworks][:stack]
  • Creating a Docker Layer
  • Ingredients chef-docker cookbook from OpsWorks custom layer
  • Docker Layer Create a custom layer: Name: Docker Shortname: docker
  • Setup Install Docker recipe[docker::default] Installs Docker from source or package Handles dependencies like lxc, aufs or cgroups Docker service and /etc/init/docker.conf
  • Deploy Manage Containers docker_image 'shipyard/shipyard' do action :pull notifies :redeploy,'docker_container[shipyard]', :immediately end docker_container 'shipyard' do action :run end
  • Configure Update etcd if db_server = search(:node, "role:db-master").first execute "Publish database IP" do command "etcdctl set /db-ip #{db_server[:private_ip]}" end end
  • Undeploy docker_container 'shipyard' do signal 'QUIT' action :kill end
  • Next Steps Have one custom layer per Docker app Configure auto-scaling, ELBs, etc
  • Recap
  • AWS OpsWorks Life cycle automation framework Highly customizable in the end everything is a Chef run Takes care of AWS integration
  • Docker on OpsWorks Automate install & configuration of Docker Fleet management Dynamic configuration
  • More information about AWS OpsWorks Follow us on twitter @AWSOpsWorks Find us on YouTube Docs: Blog:
  • Thank You@jweiss