Do you know what your culture is? #CultureCode

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SlideShare’s #CultureCode campaign revealed a series of great company cultures expressed through visually inspiring documents. This open invitation spurred more and more replies as different cultures and values opened a serious discussion on the importance and ROI of having a healthy and well-defined company culture. But for some companies, uploading a document with their company culture is not that easy. And it’s not because they don’t have one. It’s because many organizations are not yet sure where their culture is at, how to define it and analyze its impact. Do you know where your culture is at? [Read the full article here: ]

Transcript of Do you know what your culture is? #CultureCode

  • Do you know what your company culture is?
  • If youre not careful, you could be heading for a cultural Apocalypse.
  • Watch out for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
  • The White Horseman Your culture is rotting from the core. Leadership is not acting the company values.
  • The Red Horseman The corridors are lined with blood. Dismissals, office gossip, plots and backstabbing are fuelling unhappiness.
  • The Pale Horseman Your company is dying of high turnover. Productivity is down and its starting to show in the financial results.
  • The Black Horseman Employees are hungry for love (and salaries). People are not finding their needs met, they dont feel valued.
  • Have you seen the first signs?
  • Maybe its too late and you should just repent?
  • Or you can fight for your culture!
  • Protect the 7 seals of company culture.
  • 7 seals from 7 happy brands
  • 1. Keep talking about your culture.
  • 2. Encourage people to dare to be different.
  • 3. Follow your vision. Create a cult not a company.
  • 4. Foster happiness in the workplace.
  • 5.
  • 6. Do your own thing. What makes you YOU?
  • 7. Never stop learning.
  • How are your 7 seals holding up?
  • Your company culture has a direct impact on talent retention, productivity and leadership pipeline.
  • Do you know what your culture is?
  • Each culture is unique. Find out what the state of your culture is!
  • Take the Hppy test!
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