Do or do not there is no try by Ragu Murthy

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This is a copy of the Presentation given by Ragu Murthy from the Digital Insurer at the LIMRA Conference held in Singapore on 6-7th November 2014. Note from The Digital Insurer : this got my personal vote for the talk of the conference - but you had to be there to feel the passion and commitment !

Transcript of Do or do not there is no try by Ragu Murthy

  • 1. Do or Do Not, There is no Try Ragunath Joe! Murthy 6 November 2014

2. Star Trek Video 3. Evolution of Men 4. Evolution of Insurance We are the same. 5. 100% Digital in Sales Process 6. Myth 1. Agent Mind Set change selling process 2. Client Mind Set not familiar 3. Infrastructure Wi-Fi, Internet Connection 7. Share Our Experience 8. 1. Agent Mind Set 9. 2. Client Mind Set E-Signature 10. 3. Infrastructure FWD Office Sales Activites 11. Unique Experience 12. Agent 77% 23% Workday Holiday 24/7 Business 1. Working Culture 13. Support Team Real Time Training 14. Partner 15. Chic, Cool & Colorful 16. 3. Communication 17. 4. Image 18. Keep innovating & leveraging on new technology Going beyond paperless 19. Do or Do not there is no try 20. Video Clip 21. Where am I?