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Todays world is full of problems. Everyday we face a lot of problems and are ignorant of the fact that these problems can be solved very easily by proper management. This motivates us in building a tool that not only understands your problem but also gives alternative solutions of doing it be it planning a holiday trip, finding the best product to suit your needs, remember important things for you and making difficult tasks fun to do in an efficient way.

How can Do Differently help? It can help by managing- Poor time managementPoor decision making No proper optimization

TIME MANAGEMENTThis app provides a to-do list feature where one can easily feed in major meetings and appointments and the app tells its users before the time. It can also reads out the key points to be discussed in the meeting if the users inputs them.For a list of activities to be done, it can recommend a proper course of action to do them. Also it can form a schedule of these activities if the user does them after a certain period of time

DECISION MAKING The app can help its user in decision making by displaying the advice of many famous personalities on the particular decision. This can help the user take a decision effectively.Also the app allows feature to ask friends for their opinion on the decision and present these result to the user for further reference.

PROPER OPTIMIZATIONAt times, we spend hours searching for the best deals of shoes, clothes etc. This app helps the user by displaying the prices that various e-commerce offers and select the best one for the user.

COURSE OF ACTIONThis app company plans to develop a STP for the app, the 4Ps for this app, the porters 5F analysis and various other marketing and management strategies for this app to be launched.


Company overview Market overview Target customers



CORE COMPETENCIESThe product itself an innovation24x7 customer support and a recommendation sectionReliable, trustworthy and beautifully developed UI


Currently no app presents itself with such features although for these features you need to have more than two apps. Price spy offers price comparison. Clear is an app that offers a to-do list feature but it does not provide best solutions to one problems. These apps are popular but Do Differently is an app that clubs the best features of multiple apps along with its unique features of optimizing to be the best companion for someone who is very busy and needs someone to manage their life.


This app targets people from age group 15 to 45 who are very busy in their life and need to organize their life. It is targeted to urban cities where crowd have smartphones and can enjoy the advantages this app allows.It is targeted to spouses who need to find time to be with each other who love socializing but find no time in their life.


This app focuses on being the best human companion.It claims to earn over 1 million users in a span of 1 year and a net income of over Rs.10Crores in a span of 1 year.


PRODUCTDo Differently aims at providing best solutions to human problems in a minimal time and helping its customers find their best potential.

SERVICEIt will have a 24x7 customer support center with regular promotions and feedback. It will also have a recommendation section where people can suggest new features in the app.

BRANDIts brand logo will be similar to that of Free charge with a blue background and a small subheading of the best companion beneath that.

PRICEIt will have a free as well as a premium version where the premium version will be priced at $1 to capture crowd.

INCENTIVEUsers will get the price available for the product they need that will include free coupons as well. Also people who use this app regularly can be given free coupons for hotels, Uber rides etc.

COMMUNICATIONAll the product, price, service, brand and incentives will be communicated via the social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Also the app will have a communication tab from where the company will be communicating with the users.

DISTRIBUTIONAll the key elements of these promotions can be delivered to the target customers via social media, newspaper, radio etc.


The business will have a team of creative people which will aim at developing the best UI on paper, a team of researchers which will aim at understanding human problems and finding the best possible solutions to these problems, a team of social media responsible for spreading awareness, a team of CS people for developing and updating the app regularly, a team of customer care service and the top management to approve each decision and develop future plans for the company.