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    Why is this NEW treatment so exciting? 1. Applied as a powder, FIBERBLAST C actually melts into the skin

    like a serum. This powder-to-serum technology is unique to DMK, ensuring the product is delivered to the skin its most potent form!

    2. This is the STRONGEST form of vitamin C DMK has EVER formulated.

    3. The potent FIBERBLAST C formula can be applied to targeted areas for a cost-effective eye boost. Opt for a full-face application or simply target problem areas with this breakthrough vitamin treatment!

    Why add this to your regular Enzyme Treatment? Post-Enzyme Treatment is when the skin is working at its absolute best, so this is the perfect time to apply extra nutrients to the surface of the skin as they can be readily absorbed. FIBERBLAST C was designed to work with Enzyme Therapy this is a very powerful duo!

    Is it for me? Whether you suffer from ageing skin, dark circles, or blemishes, FIBERBLAST C has been designed to target the skin concerns which bother us the most.

    Ask your therapist for a trial at your next treatment and decide for yourself you wont be disappointed!

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