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Transcript of DIY Hollowing amera Set - Silicon Valley · PDF fileHollowing amera 1,4 ... Experienced...


    July 2016

    In This Issue Page

    Hollowing Camera 1,4

    Johns Message 2

    Calendar of Events 3

    Meeting Minutes 5

    Presidents Challenge 6-8

    Show & Tell 9-11

    SCHS Donations 11

    Next Level Slim Line Pen 12-14

    Refrigerator Magnets 15-17

    Selected Symposia 17

    Sponsors 18

    Club Notes 19

    Ironman 20

    For Sale 22

    The July Program

    will be:

    Brian Havens

    The Joy of


    Bob Gerenser demonstrated a high tech solution to aid in the hollowing process. Experienced turners like Mahoney or Jackoffsky, who have 1,000s of hours hol-lowing experience, have developed a sense of where the hollowing cutter is within the turning. Trent Bosh developed and sells a system he calls the Visualizer, which uses a video camera in place of a laser on a captive hollowing system, and

    lets the turner, regardless of his hollowing experience, visualize where the cutter is within the piece being turned, much as very experi-enced turners have developed this ability. Trent Boshs Visualizer sells for $650, and is a great idea. Bob put together his system for about $25-$30 but was reluctant to publicize it, and cut into Trents intellectual prop-erty marketing, until an article (Frugal Camera Hollowing Rig by Tom Schneider) in the online e-zine More Woodturning, August 2015, let the cat out of the bag. Why a hollowing aid valuable? Well, if it is not obvious, while hollow-

    ing you most often cant even see the cutter. Bending over and trying

    to peek inside is uncomfortable, leads to poor ergonomics, and is fu-

    tile, regardless of the natural temptation to do this. It also gives little

    or no clue to wall thickness.

    Doesnt a laser do the same thing? The

    use of a laser is a great help to knowing

    where the cutter is within the piece be-

    ing hollowed. The limitation to a laser is

    that it is a point of light, that is adjusted

    to only one point on the cutter head, or

    the desired wall thickness away from a

    point on the cutter. As the hollowing

    moves from the neck, to the side and to the bottom, the position of

    the laser needs to be readjusted to maintain the desired reference to

    the contact point on the cutter.

    DIY Hollowing Camera Set-up


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    The Board of Directors has determined that since the clubs Jet mini-lathe is no longer

    being used, the mini-lathe, including a mobile base, will be raffled off. Tickets will go

    on sale starting with the March meeting and the raffle will be held at the Annual Club

    Picnic on September 17Th. Tickets will be $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. Paul Rygard is

    the Ticketmaster for this.

    This past month we had a demo by Bob Gerenser on hollowing with the Monster

    capture system. We are very fortunate to have members like Bob who are so will-

    ing to share their expertise with us. A BIG Thank you Bob.

    On July 30th there will be demo by Sharon Doughtie. So far we have 4 people

    signed up from our club on our files section. We passed out a signup sheet at the

    meeting. You still need to sign up at our site to express your preference for lunch.

    Please do so NOW. The demo by Sharon runs from 9:00 AM to 4 PM at the Bridg-

    es church in Los Altos at 625 Magdalena. Hope to see all of you there.

    Our Membership Chairman, Paul Rygard, will be calling some of you to run for our elected offices of Presi-

    dent, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure. Please consider running for one of these positions.

    On September 17th SVW will be hosting our annual picnic at the Edith Morley Park in Campbell. There will be

    a signup sheet for this event for the potluck part and to gauge how many will be coming. Remember there

    will be a Presidents Challenge voted on by the public worth $100.00. The challenge this year is to turn some-

    thing out of the redwood (old growth) that I have supplied. It is not too late to receive wood from me for this

    interesting challenge. Also at the picnic we will have the winner selected for the Jet mini late on stand select-

    ed. Need not be present to will this or other items.

    Keep turning,

    John Whittier

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    2016 Calendar of Events

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    DIY Hollowing Camera, continued

    How does the video system work? Replace the laser with a small video camera

    (Bob uses an endoscope camera, see equipment reference list, below) which is

    in a fixed position mounted above the cutter in a captured hollowing system

    (Bobs system is The Monster). Feed the video signal to a monitor or laptop,

    and adjust the position so the cutter is visible roughly in the center of the

    screen, and secure the adjustments. Position the

    camera such that the image on screen is one to one scale with the real world.

    For instance, if you are using a 5/8 diameter cutter, the image on the screen

    should also be 5/8diameter. As the captured system is moved around, the

    cutter remains stationary on the screen as everything in the background

    moves around. Use a dry

    erase marker to outline the cutter on the screen of the

    monitor/computer. Also mark the desired wall thickness

    around the outside of the cutter, if desired. Now when the

    cutter goes into a piece being hollowed, the surface and

    edges of the piece being hollowed are visible on the

    screen, and the outline of the cutter and wall thickness are

    visible as well, allowing the cutter to be visualized within

    the hollowing piece. Keep hollowing until the wall thickness reaches the edge of the turning, and presto,

    you are there. And Bobs your uncle.


    1. Check the position of the cutter on the screen relative to the marked outline often as the cutter is

    removed, to clean out the shavings inside. If the adjustment gets loose, or gets knocked out of alignment,

    you are worse than flying blind.

    2. Make sure you dont use a permanent marker! Seems obvious. Of course you can tape transpar-

    ent sheets to the screen, and mark with anything you like.

    3. Have the screen close to the turning, and pointed in the direction of the headstock is the most

    natural and ergonomic placement. If it is far off-axis, just because there was a table to hold the monitor, it

    is quite disorienting.

    Thanks to Bob for demonstrating his cost saving hollowing aid.

    Mike Lanahan

    Equipment List

    Video Camera:

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    Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by our President John Whittier

    Visitors/New Members: Visitor, Maarten Meerman, returning from Vancouver with an amazingly small turning to

    Show & Tell.

    Greg Peck

    Staff Updates: Vice President (Mike Lanahan) Librarian (Gordon Patnude)

    Library - USE THE LIBRARY. There are lots of good titles with good presentations

    Pens for Patriots - Pens are coming in droves. Gordon still has 33 for turning. We will be able to present ~200 pens to the Troops if the 33 are used.

    Paul Rygaard

    Notified the club members that this Fall will be time for nominations of members to the Club Board positions for next term.

    President (John Whittier )

    Christmas PartyParty to be at Mama Mias in Campbell. Dennis Lillis

    Reminded about the Sharon Doughtie hands-on Demo July 31 at West Bay, Bridges Church

    7:25 P.M. Junes Presidents Challenge, makeups A Platter

    See the Member and their work in the Presidents Challenge photo section of this Newsletter.

    7:40 P.M. Junes Presidents Challenge raffle Thirteen items raffled

    7:45 P.M. Show and Tell

    See the Member and their work in the Show & Tell photo section of this Newsletter.

    8:10 P.M. Break

    8:20 P.M. Demonstration - Bob Gerenser presentation, Where You Are Hollowing, showed a technique using a laser beam and camera setup such that one can determine quite accurately where the cutting edge is located when it is inside a hollow form during turning . 9:20 P.M. Meeting adjourned.