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  1. 1. DIY ANALYTICS WITH APACHE SPARK ADAM ROBERTS London, 22nd June 2017: originally presented at Geecon
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  4. 4. Showing you how to get started from scratch: going from Ive heard about Spark to I can use it for... Worked examples aplenty: lots of code Not intended to be scientfically accurate! Sharing ideas Useful reference material Slides will be hosted Stick around for...
  5. 5. Doing stuf yourself (within your tmeframe and rules) Findings can be subject to bias: yours dont have to be Trust the data instead Motivation!
  6. 6. Finding aliens with the SETI insttute Genomics projects (GATK, Bluemix Genomics) IBM Watson services Cool projects involving Spark
  7. 7. Powerful machine(s) Apache Spark and a JDK Scala (recommended) Optonal: visualisation library for Spark output e.g. Python with bokeh pandas Optonal but not covered here: a notebook bundled with Spark like Zeppelin, or use Jupyter Your DIY analytcs toolkit Toolbox from wikimedia: Tanemori derivatve work: '
  8. 8. Why listen to me? Worked on Apache Spark since 2014 Helping IBM customers use Spark for the first tme Resolving problems, educatng service teams Testng on lots of IBM platforms since Spark 1.2: x86, Power, Z systems, all Java 8 deliverables... Fixing bugs in Spark/Java: contributng code and helping others to do so Working with performance tuning pros Code provided here has an emphasis on readability!
  9. 9. What is it (why the hype)? How to answer questons with Spark Core spark functons (the bread and butter stuf), plotting, correlatons, machine learning Built-in utlity functons to make our lives easier (labels, features, handling nulls) Examples using data from wearables: two years of actvity What I'll be covering today
  10. 10. Ask me later if you're interested in... Spark on IBM hardware IBM SDK for Java specifics Notebooks Spark using GPUs/GPUs from Java Performance tuning Comparison with other projects War stories fixing Spark/Java bugs
  11. 11. You know how to write Java or Scala Youve heard about Spark but never used it You have something to process! What I assume...
  12. 12. This talk wont make you a superhero!
  13. 13. Know more about Spark what it can/cant do Know more about machine learning in Spark Know that machine learnings stll hard but in diferent ways But you will...
  14. 14. Open source project (the most actve for big data) offering distributed... Machine learning Graph processing Core operatons (map, reduce, joins) SQL syntax with DataFrames/Datasets
  15. 15. Build it yourself from source (requiring Git, Maven, a JDK) or Download a community built binary or Download our free Spark development package (includes IBM's SDK for Java)
  16. 16. Things you can process... File formats you could use with Hadoop Anything theres a Spark package for json, csv, parquet... Things you can use with it... Kafka for streaming Hive tables Cassandra as a database Hadoop (using HDFS with Spark) DB2!
  17. 17. Whats so good about it then?
  18. 18. Offers scalability and resiliency Auto-compression, fast serialisaton, caching Python, R, Scala and Java APIs: eligible for Java based optmisations Distributed machine learning!
  19. 19. Why isnt everyone using it?
  20. 20. Can you get away with using spreadsheet software? Have you really got a large amount of data? Data preparation is very important! How will you properly handle negative, null, or otherwise strange values in your data? Will you benefit from massive concurrency? Is the data in a format you can work with? Needs transforming first (and is it worth it)? Not every problem is a Spark one!
  21. 21. Not really real-tme streaming (micro-batching) Debugging in a largely distributed system with many moving parts can be tough Security: not really locked down out of the box (extra steps required by knowledgable users: whole disk encrypton or using other projects, SSL config to do...) Implementation details...
  22. 22. Getting something up and running quickly
  23. 23. Run any Spark example in local mode first (from spark) bin/run-example org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi 100 Then run it on a cluster you can set up yourself: Add hostnames in conf/slaves sbin/ bin/run-example master ... Check for running Java processes: looking for workers/executors coming and going Spark UI (default port 8080 on the master) See: lib is only with the IBM package Running something simple
  24. 24. And you can use Spark's Java/Scala APIs with bin/spark-shell (a REPL!) bin/spark-submit java/scala -cp $SPARK_HOME/jars/* PySpark not covered in this presentation but fun to experiment with and lots of good docs online for you
  25. 25. Increasing the number of threads available for Spark processing in local mode (5.2gb text file) actually works? --master local[1] real 3m45.328s --master local[4] real 1m31.889s time { echo "--master local