DIVA-LICIOUS LAYER CAK · PDF file Butterscotch Cake Caramel cake and frosted in a brown...

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Transcript of DIVA-LICIOUS LAYER CAK · PDF file Butterscotch Cake Caramel cake and frosted in a brown...

  • DIVA-LICIOUS LAYER CAKES Lemon Country Cake Semolina pound cake, soaked with lemon syrup, layered with preserves and dusted in biscuits

    S’more Cake Chocolate cake layered with toasted marshmallow icing and crushed biscuits

    White Wedding Cake* White vanilla cake with a light vanilla butter cream

    Tea Party Cake* Vanilla cake soaked in Earl Grey syrup and frosted in vanilla butter cream

    Victoria Sponge Cake* Naked vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and vanilla whipped cream

    Carrot Cake Spiced brown butter carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

    Lemon Meringue Cake* Lemon zest sponge filled with French lemon cream and covered in a flambéed meringue icing

    Sleepless in Saigon Coffee cake with custard filling and yummy cardamon buttercream

    Not So Plain Jane* Vanilla sponge covered in vanilla buttercream with a vanilla custard filling

    Mexican Chocolate Layer Cake Chocolate cake spiced with cinnamon and chilli, iced with a chocolate glaze and garnished with walnut, pumpkin seeds and chilli flakes

    Green Tea and Almond Buttery almond sponge layered with a decadent green tea frosting

    Fair Trade Espresso Cake Our caramel sponge layered with Swiss meringue buttercream flavoured using our fair-trade espresso

    La Vie en Rose* Pretty pink rose buttercream covering delicious almond sponge layers

    Chocolate Chocolate Cake Fluffy, moist chocolate cake covered with a lush, chocolate buttercream

    Tuxedo Cake Moist chocolate cake covered in vanilla butter cream frosting, with a chocolate glaze covering

    Red Velvet Kitschy Red Velvet Cake layered with a zesty cream cheese frosting

    Hummingbird Cake Three layers of moist banana cake mixed with pineapple and walnut, covered in walnut cream cheese frosting (Pecans used when available)

    Lemon Lavender* Lavender sponge cake with a zesty lemon buttercream

    Chinese Whisper Cake* Chinese five-spice cake, layered with orange cream filling and frosted in orange butter cream

    Chocolate Salted Caramel Moist chocolate cake with buttery salted caramel and chocolate buttercream

    The Elvis Moist chocolate cake iced with peanut butter frosting , garnished with candied bacon pieces! Elvis loved his bacon!

    Butterscotch Cake Caramel cake and frosted in a brown butter cream cheese frosting

    Berry Your Booty Cake* Mixed berry pound cake, layered with lemon cream filling and frosted with vanilla butter cream

    Heaven and Hell (7 layer cake) Heavenly vanilla sponge and devilishly dark chocolate cake, layered with peanut butter buttercream and iced in dark chocolate ganache

    All cakes may contain traces of gluten, dairy or nuts.

    For Wedding Cakes, we request a minimum 2 weeks notice please.

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