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  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel


  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel



    Pocket Manual

    (formerly Blue Jackets Manual)


    Tyger Burch

  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel


    Tygerprintz Studiozwww.tygerprintz.zzn.com

    This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the productof the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events,locales, or persons, living or dead is coincidental.

    Copyright 2009 by Tyger Burch

    Read more from Tyger Burch and join his Fan club atwww.tygerprintz.ning.com/profile/TygerBurch

  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel


    We have a responsibility it to those back home to persevere and find strength when we think

    there is none left, hope when its invisible to our eyes and a will to fight when all seems lost.Anyone can stay encouraged when the battle is won, it takes a real fighting spirit to do it when

    the battle seems lost.




  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel








  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel



    When I started this project I really, honestly expected it to be a shot shot deal. Just a quick shortstory about some poor schmuck on a ship somewhere standing watch and literally watching the wold

    pass him by. There was just something about writing those letters that reminded me of my own

    deployments and how much I missed my own family. Most people don't understand that part of military

    life, how a person can volunteer to be separated from their families for months on end or how thateffect them. To be honest a lot of family members still don't get it. Its one of those facts of life that I

    believe will exist for years, maybe centuries to come.

    There's also my love affair with space. My father, when I asked him if he believed in life

    beyond Earth said he didn't believe God put all that up there just to give us something to look at. That

    stuck with me and I continued to have a fascination with space travel, science fiction and of course,after watching Aliens and Starship Troopers, the space marine.

    So with that said, here in your hands (or desktop) lies all the background that went into makingthe stories that follow Letters of a Distant Star. I hope it by sharing it some new comers will enjoy it

    and want to learn more about the world I plan to dive more into as well as all my Sci Fi lovers out therewill have yet another tome to add to their bookshelf. Of course there's one more group that might enjoythis project and that's my fellow writers. Hopefully they'll be inspired to dive as deep as possible into

    their own worlds as well so that the characters, conflicts, trails and triumphs are that much more

    believable and we get one more place we want to move to.

    Even if only in our minds.

    Tyger BurchAuthor

  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel




    I got your message this morning, I'm so sorry to hear about dad. I knew he wasn't well

    but... I still can't believe it. Sixty-eight. I wish I could have been there with him one last time.Just to hear him tell that same story about how he made that last shot during the College Finalsto win the game. I used to hate that story! Now, now if feels like that's all I got left. You're doing

    a great job little sis. Tommy told me how you've been holding things together. With things so

    tense right now I can only imagine how the boys are taking it. I know you don't want to hearthis but I feel I should say it. Don't think or try to stop every argument. Believe me I know my

    brothers, we're all basically just bad copies of dad, missing all he good features. Its part of who

    they are. They love each other so it won't last, but if you try to be the voice of reason every time

    you'll only end up stressing yourself and that'll last long after those two forget what they weremad at to begin with.

    The crew is doing fine more or less. Complaints never cease about the animals and thesmell. Now I know how Noah felt. To have all of them crowed in one space just seems inhumane

    but the veterinarians we have on board says everything fine, though that seems to be everyone's

    answer about everything.

    As for me its been tough. Its coming close to our sixth year and still nothing. A few dead

    stars and a dwarf planet is all we have to show for it. Some of our probes haven't even comeback. Soon we'll have to just send out a ship the old fashion way. I hope not, those nuclear

    engines they put in to keep them running are dangerous. I don't want to have to write another

    letter to a parent or a spouse about how their loved one gave the ultimate sacrifice for the

    survival of our species.

    I have to admit had I have known... who am I kidding right? I still would have done it.Crazy as that sounds. I made Captain by the way, not that its much of a surprise. The Admiral

    on the Daedalus wants me to fly over and visit so she can congratulate me personally. Sounds

    like a chance for her to drop some more responsibility on me. What's that dad used to say?

    They'll keep promoting you until they find a job you can't do. HA. Well I hope that's a long timefrom now.

    I miss you sis and I'm proud of you. Hang in there kiddo. We'll find a new home soonand you, me and the whole family will have a whole planet to pick prime real estate from. I hear

    they might let us name the planet if we discover it first. If I do I'm gonna name it Osairus. Ithink dad would like that.

    Take care sis. Talk to you soon.


    MSG SENT 02-08-2054:11:28:01

  • 8/14/2019 Distant Star- Chapter II-The Prequel



    It had been six days of the most excruciating silence the crew had even been forced to enduresince the launch of the mission. Every transmission, every call home regardless how rare was a treasure

    to every man and woman aboard and now somehow, that had been snatch away from them like

    innocence of a child who just learned Santa wasn't real. For six days not a single communicationbeyond the sporadic radio check from their sister ships, The Daedalus and the The Lapyx had been sent

    or received and it was taking its toll on the personnel. At first it started out as flagrant rumors,

    suspicious of varying nature made their rounds about the ship and the lack of authority to cut themdown only made them grow and bloom and spout grander tales.

    The Second in Command was seen late the night before the ship had gone silent, moving

    frantically toward one of his personal transports orcaptain's gigs as their often called. Personal securitydetachment in tow, they ship was off and away without so much as a word of farewell to the air crew

    who were standing by. It became obvious the matter was serious when after the third day the she took

    command of the ship and assured the crew over intercom that everything was fine. Stating everythingwas fine was naval code fornothing is fine.

    Now the crew was assembled and filed orderly on the sub-landing deck. They could hear theloud thump and skid as the captain's gig came screaming onto the runway. The catch of the catapult

    snatched the little craft and pulled forcefully, dragging the craft to a stop.

    The men were standing silently. The tension was thick as milk froth as singular bodies mad

    uneasy motions to loosen up or find more comfortable positions. Off to the side, separate from the rest

    of the crew, were the officers who looked just as at ease if not less. Opposite of them were the chiefs,

    all clad in their tan uniforms like a line of potatoes, full of smirks and whispering about the possibilitiesof the announcement that was sure to come. The Second in Command was sure that they were getting

    some pleasure from the rooms discomfort. They had been through this routine dozens of times before

    and like her they knew there was nothing they could do about it except waste their time worrying orlaugh at those that did.

    Unfortunately, she couldn't bring herself to join them. Ever since Isac received that transmissionall she could see in the back of her mind was the Admirals cold expression. There was something

    beyond those war-hardened hazel eyes she just couldn't put her finger on and as always, the obedient

    little soldier that he was, Isac flew off without so much as a question.

    Sweat trickled down the nape of her neck and soaked into her thick black locks making the tight

    bun she tied feel like she was trying to balance a cinder block on her head. A few of the chiefs

    measured her up, waiting for her to squirm uncomfortably so they could joke later about how even theSIC was loosing her composure. Not bloody likely, she thought to herself and refused to give them the


    Crew members nearly jumped out of their skin when the load pop of the landing platform burst

    to life and beg