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Displaying Tires. Display to sell!. Create space to display tires. Outdoor Racks. Create shelf space. Recessed Walls are a good way to display tires. A T T R A C T I V E R A C K. Build your own Rack. Neat use of space to display tires. Create a Tire “cave”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Displaying Tires

  • Display to sell!

  • Create space to display tires

  • Outdoor Racks

  • Create shelf space

  • Recessed Walls are a good way to display tires



  • Build your own Rack

  • Neat use of space to display tires

  • Create a Tire cave

  • Creative display for Bear Claw Tires

  • Nice Visual Display

  • They are in the tire business!

  • Create a Tire Center

  • Show customers what you are offering vs.the competition

  • Create a tire display

  • Use your own or Distributor labels

  • Internal system helps rotate stock

  • Signage says it allMagnetic sign

  • Nice use of slat wall

    Good signage showing what customer can expect

  • Clean, neat, labeledList specsDisplay LiteratureUse Banners

  • By modelBy sizeBy MfrArrange in orderBy Type

  • Display promotions

  • Display labor rates, etc. on monitor

  • Advertise sales show youre in the tire business use POP materials

  • Friendly reminders never hurtTop 10 Things to increase tire life: Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure Check tire pressure

  • Great, inexpensive way to keep your shop inviting!

  • Display, display, display

  • Utilize POP materials

  • Tires Displayed Labeled systematically Knowledgeable staff Tire changer/balancer Good inventory Related items sold POP, literature Rotated stockTire Checklist

  • What would you do to improve this display?

  • Line up labels for consistency

  • Fill the Racks

  • This display could use some T.L.C.

  • Display, display, display

    Show you are in the tire business tire inserts, banners, signage, dealer window decals, promo items, windows. Add win**Warm climates can use little pup containers, have a walk in tire closet or recessed space on the wall so the tires mount flush with the rest of the wall and have a neon Tire Center sign.Nice display. Suggest tire labels and perhaps application chart.*Bear Claw display from Avons sister company Mickey Thompson

    *Create visual display*Take on the competition,*Try colored dots stuck on label for each production year to help rotate stock easier. Green dot is 2011 tires, blue dot 2012, etc.*Signs, posters, banners tell customers you are in the tire biz**Have a system so it is easier for consumers to figure things out, especially if the parts counter is busy.*Tires on wheels make it easy to move outside or around shop**Hang in the service area or parts department. Most customer with touring bikes cant even see the rear tire with the fender and bags blocking their view.Keep up with the seasons. Give customers a reason to come to your shop to see whats new. *Display, display, display jazz up your store so customer have something new to see. Get extra sales showing tire repair kits by tires or cash register. Avon mouse pad by your computer gets customers attention.**Aluminum 12 x 24, tire inserts, window decals. Tire stand*If you follow these points youll definitely be in the tire business.Dealer is displaying tires. What ideas can you come up with to improve this display now that youve seen this presentation. Fill racks, paint racks black, add literature and signage, line up labels, organize with a system..*Has literature, distributor labels, showing new tires but needs to make it look organized and fill the racks*What would you suggest. Organization, get rid of very old stock. Has signage for sizes which is good and tires are labeled with price and info which is also good. Very confu*Its all about displaying, intriguing, getting customers to notice what you have to offer*