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Transcript of Discovering Hidden Opportunities Cellphones P1

  • Discovering New Opportunities

    for improving the User Experience

    in Cellphones.

    Part 1.

    Anirban Basu MallikSr. Graphic Visualizer and User Experience Designer

    Copyright 2008 Anirban Basu Mallik. All Rights Reserved.

  • People want to talk to other people -

    not a house, or an office, or a car.

    Given a choice, people will demand

    the freedom to communicate

    wherever they are, unfettered by the

    infamous copper wire. It is that

    freedom we sought to vividly

    demonstrate in 1973.

    Martin Coopers Vision

    One single differentiatior which led to the invention

    of the cell phone and an entire industry around it.

    Inventor of the CellPhone

  • What is a cellphone?

  • Was Is Will be

    Personal Communication


    Whats the shape?

    Personal Communication


    PDA - (Business)





    Internet Access Device



    A cellphone...

  • How Products Evolve over Time.

    Starts off with

    basic functionalities

    Improvement and

    enhancement of

    features. Look &

    feel also starts

    to evolve.

    At this point a product ceases to be an object of necessity to

    that of luxury.

    More advanced

    features, more

    improvements in

    look and feel.


    1. 2. 3.The Future...

    New Technology,

    newer metaphors,

    newer modalities.


    The First Cellphone (1973)

    Motorola Dyna-Tac

    9 x 5 x 1.75 inches

    2.5 pounds



    35 minutes

    10 hours

    Talk, listen, dial





    Number of Circuit Boards:

    Talk time:

    Recharge Time:

    Features: Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

    Apple iPhone





  • Factors which drive the cellphone user experience.

    Phone Form IxD ServicePhone Features, Look &

    Feel, Materials, and so on.

    Human Computer


    The businesses built

    around it-Custom Apps,

    Customer Support,

    Coverage and so on.

    1. 2. 3.

    How does the phone look?

    Whats the shape?

    Is it matt or glossy?

    Sporty, business or chic?

    Tiny, compact or huge?

    How much does it weigh?

    What are the accessories and

    personalization options?

    How does the phone open?

    How does one hold the phone?

    How does one navigate the


    How does one interact

    with the various features?

    How does one keep the phone

    when not in use?

    How does the phone alert

    the user?

    Whats the network coverage?

    Hows the Customer Support?

    Is there any community?

    What can be Add-ons and ways

    to personalize the UE?

  • Way before cellphones were there...

    The interaction of operating this was an experience

    in itself.

  • Case Study~1: Nokias success story.

  • Nokia dominated the market by-

    And most importantly...

    Building phones for everyone


    Changing physical interactions of the phone

    Building robust phones

    Having the best reception


    phones open)

    (Phones which fell from the

    4th floor and still worked)

  • Source:

    The Nokia Product line.

  • How the phones open...

  • Case Study~2: The Apple iPhone.

  • The iPhone.

    And most importantly...

    Integrated hardware and software and service.

    No more buttons-uber kewl interaction (touch)

    Incorporated the Safari browser, so viewing web

    pages over the net is much much easier.

    A great product design.

  • Discovering Hidden Opportunities.A.There are still many hidden opportunities for us to improve,

    by analyzing user experience gaps in competitor products

    Participants were asked 1 question ~

    When did you feel let down by your cell phone?

    ( What happened and when was the last time it happened? )

  • A few scenarios taken from the survey.



    I went to a new office location. There was no charge

    in my phone. As my mom did not know this, she called

    me to ask whether I reached the office. There was no

    response because my phone was not active. She got

    really worried. Unfortunately I went home late that day.

    When I reached home, she was crying and didnt even

    eat any food for the day.

    My cell phone battery was let me down when I was

    trying to contact my old friends meet-up, looking for

    exact location at outside. It was not allowing me to

    even find their phone numbers from the address list and

    refuse to switch-on. But when I was using my old model,

    it was indicating the Low-Battery and then we can use

    atleast 10 minutes. But my new model 6300 is turned

    off immediately prior to low-battery indication.

    Issue: Charging, Battery

    Issue: Charging, Battery


    Give an extra battery or 2 chargers

    with the phone.

    Have personalized voice messages

    which an user can record which can be set

    for individual contacts.

    Keeping contacts online.


    Give an extra battery or 2 chargers

    with the phone.

    Give a Low-Battery status message an hour


    A power saver mode, where one can access

    only sms and contacts list.

    Keeping contacts online.





  • A few scenarios taken from the survey.



    Cant really say I felt let down that would be giving my

    phone too human a feel. But it was exasperating when

    my phone of 2 yrs conked off and I was incommunicado.

    And worse, when I lost half of my contacts and all of the

    images, etc. that were saved on my phone. This was

    about a month back so the irritations still fresh.

    Only thing I was not happy was that being a Music

    edition N70 didnt provide equalizer and other music


    (We can install different third party softwares but

    sometimes it feels risky to install softwares from

    unknown publishers)

    Issue: Charging, Battery, Data Backup

    Issue: Interaction Design


    Users store images, videos of memories in

    their cell phones. Cant we built in a system

    where users data can get backed-up while

    charging or a restore function as in computers


    Something like what Apple iPhone is

    aiming to do, built an immense collection

    of applications to run on the iPhone.





  • A few scenarios taken from the survey.



    Water went inside the mobile was useless for 3 days. It

    affect the camera.

    I was let down by my cell phone, when my friend call me

    during his father was admitted in the hospital. The

    incident happened last month. He called me for getting

    some money from the bank, since he was with his father

    at the hospital. But unfortunately, I didnt hear what he

    conveyed because the speaker in my phone was bad and

    not audible. Finally when I went to the hospital, I was

    embarrassed when my friend asked the money.

    Issue: Phone Built


    Why cant we have waterproof phones or

    at least a waterproof case?



    Issue: Charging, Battery


    Give an extra battery or 2 chargers

    with the phone.

    Give a Low-Battery status message an hour


    A power saver mode, where one can access

    only sms and contacts list.

    Keeping contacts online.



  • A few scenarios taken from the survey.



    The time when my mobile was crashed while performing

    Multitasking (A damn Nokia model which i was

    using earlier)

    Searching for the networks while travelling. Especially

    when you are on vacation at a hill station. Till you alight

    your handset is as good as a paper weight.

    Alternately, I should not be locating network manually.

    The handset should have in built facility to