Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBE March 2015 2016. 5. 22.¢  Disadvantaged Business...

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  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBE

    March 2015


    RJM McQueen is a small business located in Collins, MS owned and

    operated by Ms. Regina McQueen. The company has been in business

    for almost 20 years. In addition, the firm has been a certified DBE since

    1995 and is also licensed in the state of Mississippi and Louisiana. Ms.

    McQueen has also participated in the SBA 8 (a) program. Some of the

    services offered by RJM McQueen Contractors, Inc. include concrete,

    grassing and erosion and asphalt. Ms. McQueen works with a well-

    organized and professional staff to meet customers’ needs.

    RJM McQueen Contractors, Inc. has built a positive reputation by

    working with prime contractors such as Dunn Roadbuilders, APAC MS,

    Superior Asphalt, and Yates Construction. The firm has completed

    numerous of jobs from Jackson to South MS. Also, the firm plans on

    working with more Primes in future projects and is looking forward to

    continuing its expansion efforts.

    Business expansion is something that most small businesses want to

    work on. However, it is the process that takes time and effort. Ms.

    McQueen offers a word of advice to DBEs. She says “Make it a priority

    to establish a positive rapport with at least 2-3 prime contractors so

    that they can gain confidence in your ability to do work.”

    For more information about this firm, please call (601)765-6563.

    Contact Information

    Carolyn Bell

    Civil Rights Director cbell@mdot.state.ms.us

    Stacy Slay, DBE Coordinator


    Stan Adams DBE Certification Officer


    Justin Rawls Special Projects Officer jrawls@mdot.state.us

    P.O. Box 1850

    Jackson, MS 39215-1850 Office: 601.359.7644

    Fax: 601.576.4501 www.gomdot.com

    DBE Supportive Services

    Toni Cooley Project Director


    Larry Davis

    Project Manager ldavis@msdbe.com

    Lauren Collins

    Communications Specialist lcollins.systems@gmail.com

    1400 Fourth Avenue Jackson, MS 39203

    Office: (601) 718-7344 Fax: (601) 564-0212


    RJM McQueen Contracting, Inc.

    mailto:cbell@mdot.state.ms.us mailto:sslay@mdot.state.ms.us mailto:sadams@mdot.state.ms.us mailto:jrawls@mdot.state.us http://www.gomdot.com/ mailto:tcooley@msdbe.com mailto:ldavis@msdbe.com mailto:lcollins.systems@gmail.com http://www.msdbe.com/

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBE

    March 2015


    Call No#

    Project Name Project No# Location DBE Goal

    OJT Goal


    Mill & Overlay

    approximately 12

    miles of US 72 from

    Benton County Line

    to Alcorn County


    Federal Aid Project No. NH-0007-01(082)

    / 106945301

    Tippah County

    5% 0


    Shoulder Widening approximately 22

    miles on US 61 from the Washington

    County Line to US 82

    Federal Aid Project No. HSIP-0009-

    03(053) / 106962301

    Washingt on County

    3% 0


    Mill & Overlay approximately 5

    miles of SR 7 from Marshall County

    Line to US 72

    Federal Aid Project No. NH-0019-02(053)

    / 106986301

    Benton County

    4% 0


    Replacing Bridge Nos. 166.2, 166.4, 167.8, & 168.3 on SR 7

    Federal Aid Project No. BR-0019-02(054) /


    Benton County

    6% 720hr



    Mill and Overlay I- 59 from Rocky Creek to 13th


    Federal Aid Project No. IM-0059-02(099) /


    Jones County

    4% 520


    Mill & Overlay I-220 from US 49 to

    Madison County Line and from Hinds County Line to I-55

    Federal Aid Project Nos. IM-0220-03(033)

    / 106186301 & 302

    Hinds and Madison Counties

    2% 0


    Replacement of Raised Pavement Markers District Wide

    Federal Aid Project No. STP-9999-05(018) / 104756308

    District (5) 0% 0

    Coming Events March 11, 2015 9:00 am CST - 11:00 am CST How to Develop a Business Plan (Jackson) Mississippi e-Center @ JSU 1230 Raymond Road, Jackson, MS, 39204 Contact Name: Charissa Amos Contact Email: Charissa.L.Amos@jsums.edu Cost: Free March 17, 2015 1:00 pm CST - 3:00 pm CST How to Develop a Business Plan (Canton) Madison County WIN Job Center 152 Watford Parkway Drive, Canton, MS, 39046 Contact Name: Charissa Amos Contact Email: Charissa.L.Amos@jsums.edu Cost: Free March 18, 2015 5:30 p.m. Second Annual Female Students Pursuing Logistics and Transportation University of Memphis Holiday Inn Southeast Transportation Workforce Center (SETWC) 3700 Central Ave. Memphis, TN 38111

    March 19, 2015 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Choosing Transportation: This conference will be open to a national audience and will address all available pathways to transportation careers University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT). 365 Innovation Drive Memphis, TN 38152

    MDOT Bid Letting Tuesday March 24, 2015

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBE

    March 2015


    Coming Events March 18, 2015 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT Groundbreaking - The Meridian at Fondren 838 Lakeland Drive Jackson, MS Contact Information: Lynda Raines 601- 948-7575 March 18, 2015 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST Networking at Noon Contact Name: Niki Lowery Contact’s Number: 601-948-7575 March 23, 2015 2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. MDOT Pre- Bid Conference Hilton Hotel Jackson, MS Please RSVP by calling Lauren Collins @ 601-572-1002 March 25, 2015 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT MS Employment Expo 2015 - Governor's Job Fair Network of MS Contact Name: Adam Todd Contact’s Number: 601-503-4555 Registration Fee - $250.00 March 18, 2015 Jackson Chamber Partnership Networking at Noon 12:00 p.m. HAL & MAL’S 200 Commerce Street Jackson, 39201 March 17, 2015 Jobs for Jacksonians 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT The City of Jackson’s Jobs for Jacksonians program will hold a recruiting session in the conference room of the Department of Human and Cultural Services at the Metro Center Mall. Contact Information: Jonathan Barnett 601-960-0377 sbyrd@city.jackson.ms.us

    Where The Money Is!

    SBA Loan Opportunities

    Did you know that your local Small Business Administration could help you get

    a head start on building a successful business? The SBA offers many loan

    opportunities for small businesses. Many people may think “It’s just too difficult

    to receive assistance in starting or expanding a business.” Although, nothing

    comes easy in life, there are organizations that can help you reach your

    business goals such as the SBA. For more information on SBA loan

    opportunities, please visit https://www.sba.gov and click on Loans and Grants.

    Other Great Place to Seek Funding is the:

    Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc.

    SBCF typical borrower is a business owner who has difficulty in obtaining

    financing from a traditional bank because of derogatory credit, insufficient

    management skills, and inadequate collateral of lack of personal wealth to

    meet the equity investment requirement. They provide most types of

    business loans that include funding for: equipment, inventory, accounts

    receivable or contract financing, real estate, working capital, start-up capital or

    interim financing.

    SBCF also administers the US Department of Transportation sole lender in the

    state. They administer the USDOT’s Short Term Lending Program “(STLP”).

    This program is a loan guarantee program. Approved lenders, such as SBCF,

    offer these loans, which provide up to a 75% federal government guarantee.

    The STLP is designed to assist Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“DBE”) and

    Small Disadvantaged Businesses (“SDB”) seeking access to working capital in

    order to obtain transportation–related contracts receiving USDOT funding.

    For more information, contact the Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc., at



  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBE

    March 2015


    March 2015

    12 - MS097-014(3)B Coahoma 0.179 Mi of Grade, Drain, Base and Surface

    13 - LSBP-60(10) Quitman 0.100 Mi of Box Culvert and Gravel Approaches

    16 - SAP-02(66) Alcorn 0.094 Mi of Box Culvert and Approaches

    16 - LSBP-18(16) Forrest 0.500 Mi of Box Bridge and Approaches

    16 - SAP-67(56) Sunflower 0.113 Mi of Bridge and Approaches

    16 - LSBP-70(24)* Tippah 0.200 Mi of Bridge and Gravel Approaches

    18 - LSBP-24(12) Harrison 0.200 Mi of Bridge and Gravel Approaches

    23 - MS070-053(1)B Oktibbeha 3.815 Mi of Grade, Drain, 3 Bridges

    27 - SAP-41(25)M Lee 3.788 Mi of Maintenance Overlay

    31 - SAP-28(7)S Issaquena 3.640 Mi of