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LinkedIn presentation on search and contact tactics for candidates for recruiters

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  • 1. Dirk SpencerSocial Media Recruiter@DirkInDallas 214-295-8687DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com

2. Dirk SpencerSocial Media Recruiter Former DOD Analyst Software, Hardware, Communications, Aviation, Robotics Computers were called Mainframes Apps were downloaded using Punch Cards Turned Social Media Recruiter Job Machine Trained AIRS Trained Agency, Corporate and Contract 3. Previous LinkedIn Presentations Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA) Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Food & Beverage Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions Executive Recruiter Association (ERA) Rick Gillis Employment Radio The Ticket 97.5 FM 4. What is LinkedIn . Com? Online professional network Founded December 2002 Launched May 2003 Proprietary technology platform 5. The Company Financials Initial Public Offering (IPO) May 2011 Ticker Symbol LNKD Traded on the New York Stock Exchange 52 Week Share Price Range $60.14 - $122.70 6. LinkedIn . Com Stats 1,288 Full Time Employees 200 Countries 100M+ Members 7. If you hate LinkedIn blame Web 1.0 Limitations of old search technology Rudimental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Candidates allowed to enter bad data 8. Crack the Limits on LinkedIn New & Change Are the Same Thing in Web 1.0 Web 1.0 Limits the search sophistication 3rd Degree Contacts No Longer Displayed Google is LinkedIn with Benefits 9. How to Fake Out Web 1.0 The technology cannot distinguish between what isNew or something that is Old but has Change What this means Make new profile data Make changes to your profile Google is your LinkedIn Insider 10. LinkedIn Divided 11. Comparing Accounts Free AccountsPaid Accounts Policy Enforcement Policy Exception Limited Reach Unlimited Reach Rudimentary Search Rudimentary Search Manual Branding Automated Branding 12. LinkedIn on LinkedIn Real Name Write a headline Craft a summary Interact thoughtfully with your network Add your work history Collect recommendations Include company website Include company career page Create a vanity URL Brand yourself by personalizing your profile 13. What LinkedIn Wont Tell You Change your name Modify your job title Add yourself to Groups Learn to Leave Groups Add an Application Upload Content to your Application Review a Book Already 14. Make LinkedIn Searches Easier Spell Words and Acronyms Correctly Stemming is hit or miss Lower your expectations on the technology Review how candidates use keywords Learn to Hack LinkedIn Using Google 15. Hacking 3rd Degree Contacts 16. Third Degree Contacts 17. Third Degree Contacts 18. LinkedIn Email TemplateYou profile appears to be a solid match to our Project Managerposition in Plano, Texas.My colleague Dirk Spencer is working on this position.If you are considering other opportunities please email Dirk directlyat Dirk.Spencer@Company.Com. You may call him at 214-295-8687 as well.Thanks for your time and attention,Random RecruiterSalutation 19. Recruiter Dashboard - Search 20. Recruiter Dashboard - Languages 21. LinkedIn Search Results 22. LinkedIn Clipboard 23. LinkedIn Clipboard 24. LinkedIn Clipboard 25. LinkedIn Apps 26. LinkedIn Stats Paid Details 27. Cool Tools from Jim Schnyder Yauba The Worlds First Privacy Safe, Real-Time Search Engine TM Xobni manage and search your contacts and email through Outlook and on the BlackBerry Wordle Job Description Resumes (3 of them) Use Job Posting from competition Outlook Rules If you get to hear Jim share this go. He has some clever tricks I cannot begin to explain RSS Feeds Populate Twitter and LinkedIn Dragon (Nuance) Speech recognition software which makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You talkand it types. Use your voice to create and edit documents Digital Pen Captures everything you write, sketch and draw electronically for later editing, managingand sharing on your computer 28. www.twittergrader.com find top 100 www.tweetlater.com schedule tweets www.tweetbeep.com set up alerts www.twitterfeed.com RSS feeds to twitter www.tweetstats.com see your tweet stats www.tweetfunnel.com approve tweets 29. Questions 30. Other SlideShare.Net Presentationshttp://www.slideshare.net/dirkspencer/colorado-cahe-annual-social-media-final This is a social media presentation done for the Colorado Association of Health Care Executives at their Breckenridge Conference. It contains research, references and insights from the experts interviewed specifically for the hospital industryhttp://www.slideshare.net/dirkspencer/dirk-spencer-resume-psychology-the-watermark-lecture-2011 This is a sub-set of my Resume Psychology lecture. We review resume hacks with the 4- Cs, The LCD and The K.O.D. (Kiss of Death) Words along with Inefficient Writing tactics 31. Box.Net Resume Help Fileshttp://www.box.net/shared/mpq5ir2pc2 There are a mix of checklists, resume homeworksuggestions and samples available for free to improveresume content and augment the lecture series. 32. Dirk Spencer Contact / Speaking ScheduleContact Information: DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 @DirkInDallas LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkindallasSpeaker Schedule: LinkedIn for Recruiters - DFWTRN August Luncheon Aug 3, 2011 - Dallas Frisco Connect Job Seeker Strategy Summit 2011 Aug 6, 2011 - Frisco Resume Psychology "Get the Offer - Not the Interview" Sep 10, 2011 Crossroads Your Digital Footprint: - How to Create a Internet Presence Sep 20, 2011 - TexasSmall Business Summit Colorado Association Healthcare Executives (CAHE) 2011 Annual Conference Oct20, 2011 Resume Psychology "Get the Offer - Not the Interview" Nov 12, 2011 - Crossroads 33. Speaker Bio Dirk SpencerA former DOD Analyst turned Recruiter and Social Media Tactician Dirk is the creator of"Resume Psychology Get the Offer Not the Interview.Some of the organizations where Dirk as spoken on resumes, social media, LinkedIn orfeatured include: Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA) Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Associates Food & Beverage Pikes Peak Recruiter Network (PPRN) Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference North Texas Small Business Summit TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference The Rick Gillis Radio Show in Houston, Texas ESPN Radio CareerRocketeer.Com list The 150+ Experts on Twitter ALL Job Seekers MUST Follow The Fort-Worth Star-TelegramDirk is the group manager of Resume Psychology on LinkedIn.Com with over 1,200members.You can follow him on Twitter at @DirkInDallasHe has worked contract, agency, and corporate recruiting and is currently based in Plano,Texas. 34. Dirk has also presented to these businesses and professionalorganizations: Irving / Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions North Texas Small Business Summit IIBA International Institute of Business Analyst Intuit Womens Network (IWN), National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) Dallas*Fort Worth Chapter Texas Instruments (TI) Alumni Association (TIAA) Plano Centre TWC - Texas Workforce Commission Veterans Support Group Talent Net Live Social Recruiting Conference American Society of Quality (ASQ) Greater Irving- Job Angels Networking Event Executive Recruiter Association (ERA) Dallas Fort-Worth Texas Recruiter Network (DFWTRN) 35. Dirk has spoken before numerous ecumenical organizations aswell, including: St. Jude Career Alliance a Chapter of the Catholic Career DevelopmentCommunity (CCDC), Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Association of North Texas(IANT), Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) Career Transition Workshop (CTW) Jewish Family Service (JFS) Career Jump Start - First United Methodist Church Richardson (FUMCR) Carrollton Career Focus Group (CFG), Carrollton City Job Hunt 101, Custer Rd Church Job Net Plano Fort Worth Career Search Network (FWCSN) MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church (MBBC) Career Transition Network (CTN) McKinney Trinity Presbyterian Church Career Transition Network (CTN) McKinney Workforce Networking, Preston Trail Job Network (PTJN), Saint Philips Episcopal of Frisco Job Ministry, Southlake Focus Group (SFG) St. Andrew UMC Sales Group with Dennis OHagan