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Chilika A Fine Dine Hub Ravi Anandpara Sunil Muni XMBA-19

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  1. 1. Chilika A Fine Dine Hub Ravi Anandpara Sunil Muni XMBA-19
  2. 2. Basics to understand Fine dining restaurants are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. Decor of such restaurants features higher-quality materials, with an eye towards the "atmosphere" desired by the restaurateur. Fine dining restaurants are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location operations or have just a few locations. Food portions are visually appealing Focuses on the quality of preparation of the cuisine, hence the time between the order is taken and time it is served may be longer. Ambience is taken into account
  4. 4. Target Market Groups Designed for Middle Class and Upper Middle Class Bachelors Office Crowd
  5. 5. Required Licenses Food Business Operator License: The purview for licensing restaurants fall under the state level licensing authority and can be easily obtained prior to starting the operations of the restaurant. The food business operator license is granted for 1 year and is renewable. Shop & Establishment License: The Shop and Establishment Act is regulated by the Department of Labor and regulates premises wherein any trade, business or profession is carried out. Shop & Establishment License can be obtained by applying to the State Chief Inspector of Department of Labor. Service Tax Registration for Restaurant: The 2012 Budget levied service tax on all air-conditioned restaurants that serve liquor. The 2013 Budget expanded the service tax applicability to all restaurants that are air-conditioned. Therefore, all restaurants that are air-conditioned are required to obtain service tax registration if their annual sales will be more than Rs.10 lakhs. VAT Registration for Restaurant: VAT is levied by the State Government on sale on any goods or items, and the food sold in a restaurant is liable to be taxed under VAT. Therefore, restaurants must obtain VAT registration from the State authorities.
  6. 6. Clearance Certificates BMC Clearance Fire Brigade Department Clearance Excise Department FDA/FSSAI Authority Rental agreement documents Other documents
  8. 8. Business Planning Source of funding : Partners (Two or more) Fine dine area - Around 1000 sqft Gestation period - 1 year Capital = 1- 1.5Crore
  10. 10. Things to consider Location The Layout and Design The food and menu Crew
  11. 11. Location, Layout Design Near Oberoi Mall, Dindoshi Road, Goregaon East Layout Design: Sofa seats towards the wall side and attached chairs for the same table joining. Bar area which will be visible while entering the restaurant. Not very bright lights but usually we see in dine restaurant. Fully Air Conditioned with split AC wherever it is required. Centralized AC is out of the scope.
  12. 12. Ethnic, Service Cuisines = Indian, Chinese and later Italian. Happy hours = 6 PM -7.30 PM on domestic spirits Basically Ala Carte menu in the initial startup. Later on planned for Buffet lunch on pre- orderly basis. Service will be during the following hours: Lunch - 11:30 am to 4:00pm Dinner - 6:00pm to 11:00pm
  13. 13. FINE DINE Table Arrangements
  14. 14. Fine Dine - Crew One restaurant manager The number of Cook should be two. One supply chain and inventory manager There would be 1 person who will be responsible to receive orders on phone. There would be 2 delivery boys and the service will be within 1-2 km of the range. Waiters according to the number of tables. So for 10-15 tables there should be 2-3 waiters. The number of people to serve from kitchen to dining table/taking off the plates should be around 5-8. There would be 1 attendant to look at vehicle parking.
  15. 15. PART 5: MARKETING
  16. 16. Distribution of pamphlets Internet Zomato Free vouchers through contest on Radio Billboard Advertisement (Area specific ) Marketing