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Transcript of Digital Transformation PwC Framework for Wanja Rinke UX ... · PDF file Digital Transformation...

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    PwC Framework for Digital Transformation

    Wanja Rinke

    UX STRAT Europe, Amsterdam, June 2018

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Started as a Designer...

    PwC’s Digital Services 2

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    ...graduated in a double degree Program (MBA & MA)

    PwC’s Digital Services 3

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    ...became a consultant!

    PwC’s Digital Services 4

  • PwC’s Digital Services 5

    User Experience in Digital Transformation?

    How does that fit?

    PwC’s Digital Services 5

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Value shifted from products to services...

    PwC’s Digital Services 6

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Customers are not that loyal anymore...

    PwC’s Digital Services 7

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    ...that’s why UX Design gains more importance

    PwC’s Digital Services 8

  • 11PwC Digital Services

    Prototype & Test

    Digital Business



    MVP Sprints


    Identify & Assess d.quarks


    d.quarks Lighthouse



    The agile and iterative path to digital business

    Digital Transformation RoadmapPwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services 12

    Project example

    How does that work?

    PwC’s Digital Services 12

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Project example: Using Design Thinking to develop a digital product that is wanted by the customers.

    PwC’s Digital Services 13

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Project example: Current distribution process of our client with a 3-stages distribution.

    PwC’s Digital Services 141 Manufacturer Wholesaler Installer Customer

    2 3 14

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Project example: The new digital business idea changed the 3-stage distribution from a B2B to a B2C Business Model.

    PwC’s Digital Services 151 Manufacturer Wholesaler Installer Customer


  • 16PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services


    Extending traditional offerings through digital services

    Digital Marketing & Sales

    Generating data

    17PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services


    Internet of Things

    Automated transactions

    Usage-based service models → pay-per-use

    18PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Customer Experience

    Digital customer profiles

    Personalized offerings

    Customer data driven business models

    Individualisiertes Nutzererlebnis 19PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services


    Supporting personal goals


    Integration of partners

    20PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    Open Digital

    Digital Ecosystem

    Platform based business models

    Network for value creation

    21PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    We map each identified business model to one of five archetypes to identify all required capabilities

    Technology- enabled

    Digital extension to the product

    Transaction- oriented

    From product to service (e.g. pay-per-use)

    Customer Experience

    Customer experience first (personalized and

    data driven)


    A holistic approach to customer needs (E2E solutions)

    Open Digital

    Generating value for the customer in an

    open ecosystem (platform business



  • PwC’s Digital Services

    46 fundamental digital capabilities are necessary to establish digital business models

    Digital Trend Detection

    Digital Value Chain

    Digital in R&D

    Digital Incubator

    Digital Business Development

    Supply Chain Integration

    Smart Logistics & Transport

    Supply Chain Intelligence

    Digital Manufacturing

    Digital Marketing

    Community Management

    Smart Portfolio Lifecycle

    Product & Service Exposure

    Sales & Customer Analytics

    Smart Commercial Model

    Customer Engagement


    API Management

    Value Enablers

    Value Design Value Creation

    Agile Collaboration


    Digital Culture Development

    Workplace Design


    IP Management

    IT & Media Contract Management

    Privacy Compliance Management


    Enterprise Performance

    Digital Finance Operations

    Digital Costing


    Value Delivery

    Agile IT

    Digital Trust

    Data Lifecycle


    Social Cooperation

    Service-Oriented Technology Mgmt.

    Infrastructure Management

    Big Data



    Digitized Sourcing

    Digital Vendor Ecosystem

    Procurement Intelligence


    Strategic Business Alignment

    Strategic Workforce Planning

    Personalized Employment

    Digital HR Operations


    Individualized Dev. & Coaching

    Digital Employability

    People Performance Management


    PwC’s Digital Services


  • PwC’s Digital Services

    People & Skills Organization

    Processes Technology

    Four dimensions of a Capability:

    24PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    More information in the book or

    25PwC’s Digital Services 25

  • PwC’s Digital Services

    We developed d.quarks cards in order to quickly assess relevant capabilities

    26PwC’s Digital Services 26

  • PwC’s Digital Services 27PwC’s Digital Services 27

  • 28

    Let’s connect!

    Wanja Rinke

    +49 151 50109719


    PwC’s Digital Services

  • PwC’s Digital Services 29

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    Let’s go out there and do epic UX

    Thank you!

    PwC’s Digital Services