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Transcript of Digital Receipts - SAAS Platform

  • InReceipts Offline to Online

    Connect with Your Offline Buyer

  • Agenda

    InReceipts Introduction

    Problem & Solution

    InReceipts Mobile App Walkthrough

    Reach Us.

  • Introduction

    InReceipts is an exciting startup providing a very niche & exciting Mobility solution to bring the digital receipts of all

    purchases on the Consumer Mobile.

    Based in Dwarka, New Delhi, India , is established in 2014 by 4 forward-thinking innovators seeking

    technological solutions to business challenges in ways that increase

    sales and cement customer loyalty.

    Today, InReceitps POS independent innovative SDK

    technology, transforms every sales receipt into an opportunity

    Now with InReceipts your customers, can organize, store,

    and retrieve their digital receipts anywhere, anytime.

    Retailers can now target and reach their customer through a dynamic,

    personalized content and also collect their customers'

    contact information and preferences.

  • Offline vs Online

    Current Unorganised Retail sector is estimated to be about ~$500B in India

    Around ~ $12B, Offline Retail market is organised with CRMs, POS machines, Payment options etc

    Online Commerce has still a huge potential, E-tail Players only need to tap this offline Organized & Unorganized Retail Transactions

    InReceipts digital Receipts provide an innovative approach to

    Tap the Offline Consumer at the time of Transactions@POS

  • The Problem

    Online Retailer Challenge

    Loyal Customers with E-tailer App still

    does 80-90% transaction offline

    E-tailers has no idea of offline

    customer purchase behaviour

    Less Effective Targeting based on

    Online consumer behaviour only

    Online Marketplace 1 Million


    Offline Retailer Challenge

    Mindshare of your Customer Connected


    POS-Receipts are only maintained by

    Retailer, Customer throw it away

    Distributing printed Voucher/Deals,

    SMSes often go Spray & Forget

    No Relation b/w customer & seller

    48 million SMEs in India across 5,500


    Maintaining Customer Dialogue for Repeat Buy is a Challenge

    InReceipts tap every POS transaction and provide a pervasive entry to a

    Customer Mobile through Mobile Receipts and Deals right at their finger tips

    always at all places.

  • 1 2 3

    Users Gets a

    Receipt of every

    Purchase done at



    Sellers Shop with

    Offers & Promos

    InReceipt powered

    app throws a push

    notification a

    reminder of Deals &

    available offers

    when in market

    making purchase

    We professionally

    manage and maintain

    Purchase History &

    provide a 2 way

    relationship to pull

    coupons and available


    User pays and buys the same way as he/she was doing earlier

    Promos are printed on the POS printed receipts & Sent

    Digitally to Consumer Mobile Phone with targeted offers/Promos

    No Paper Coupons needed to maintain by Customers for


    Our Solution

  • InReceipts Mobile App

    Super Easy Registration

    Intuitive User Experience

  • InReceipts Mobile App

    Pervasive Penetration of your Brand

    Always with Consumer Anytime & All Places

  • InReceipts Mobile App

    Automatic Push Receipts to Connected Consumers

    Link & Pull Receipts with Unique Receipts IDs

  • Merchant On boarding Multi-Multi Scenarios

    Step 1: Download & Install


    Step 2: Register and Validate

    Visit Click on join our network , enter details, validate Email

    Step 3: Add Stores and Get IDs per POS

    Add sites/Stores. Add valid address for your Shop where POS is installed, a terminal id would

    be generated and that needed to be used to initialized InReceipts.exe

  • InReceipts Advantages

    Plug & Play Interceptor SDK

    No Integration Required

    Campaign Rule - Engine

    Rest APIs


    Cloud Based On Demand

    Powerful & Simple

    Not too many, less but

    More effective targeting

  • All rights reserved @ copyright InReceipts 2015

    How it Works

    inReceipts Server

    Retailers Point Of Sale (with InReceipts Client application)

    inReceipts Receipt (dynamic ads are printed Based on publisher and

    transaction details)

    inReceipts Client application runs in background at Retailers POS and connects with inReceipts server to get dynamic Voucher, Coupon or advertisements.

    Cloud Infrastructure

  • Detailed Demo Just A Call Away

    Anshu Sharma - Co-founder & Co-CEO @InReceipts

    Co-founder of, a differentiated Mobile POS Commerce startup for Real

    Time Sync with Merchant Inventory for Aggregated Offline Retailer Network

    Managing Sales, Strategy, Product & Customer Acquisition@ InReceipts

    Significant experience in India LBS, M-commerce and logistics.

    MIT, IIC University of Delhi


    Registered Office

    Sector 18B, Dwarka

    New Delhi, India