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Digital Photography. Mini Project • Create a 12-page coffee table book for a photographer’s portfolio. . Objective. To be able to compile a series of photographs as a coffee table book as a portfolio. To be able to prepare manipulated images for final output. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Photography

Digital PhotographyMini Project Create a 12-page coffee table book for a photographers portfolio.

ObjectiveTo be able to compile a series of photographs as a coffee table book as a portfolio. To be able to prepare manipulated images for final output.To be able to perform high quality printing of manipulated images.

InstructionsProduce a coffee table book using your own photographs, and present a printed copy.Create a coffee table book, according to the theme presented to the lecturers and your class.All images must be original and transfer of such images between students is NOT allowed.Images cannot be repeatedly used (E.g. Once image is used on page one, it CANNOT be reused again on page three (3)).InstructionsCreate 6 sheets (total 12 pages) according to the following instructions:Coffee table book dimension must be at 8 x 6 or 16 x 6 (landscape format)Image resolution must be at 300dpiImage mode must be at RGB 8bit.

InstructionsPut them in Adobe Photoshop, and arrange layouts using the images you have.Your layout should include TEXT and GRAPHICS.One of your layout MUST include ONE image that spread across TWO PAGES.There must be 6 files (one for each sheet containing two pages, including ONE Cover)

Submission RequirementsSubmit Six (6) files (6 x sheets) in .JPG format.Submit Six (6)of your working files (.PSD files), unflatten.Submit ALL original photos used in the book layout (RAW format).Create a folder in a computer, with the name 00_yourname_project, and submit the folder with the files required in the form of DVD. Label your disc and disc cover properly.

Toys - Action Figures

Note you have to prepare appropriate background to suit your theme of toys before and after the shoot.7Toys - Action FiguresAction figures

The backgrounds objective is to create different atmosphere effects. Will need to create background, suggest to work with arts and design club for painting materials.8Toys - Action FiguresAction figures

Morning Singapore

How people goes to work, goes to school, take their breakfast?10Weekend Singapore

What do Singaporeans do during weekend? 11Cosplay

Again, you need to narrow down to a specific area for Cosplay. Movies? Anime, Horrors ..12Cosplay

Street Scene

What are the unique or interesting things you can capture in the Singapore Streets?14Street Scene

Street Scene


Even a food them has to be further narrow down a specific area. E,g Pastry, local dishes, western, Japanese. One suggestion is to collaborate with SOH. 17Concert, Stage Performance

Be aware that most of the time, photography is prohibited in stage performance. Unless you are the official photographer. Flash light is normally not allow in such performance so as not to distract the performer. 18Animals







High Fashion. You might need to prepare your own props for the shoot.25Fashion

You can also explore to make your coffee table book into a campaign booklet26Fashion

From this series of campaign shots for Diesel, post-production (photoshop) is extensively used.27Fashion






Other Possible ThemesUniforms ChildrenSportsForeign workers in Singapore

Festive Themes

Dos & DontAlways shoot in RAW camera formatNever flatten your PSD filesBackup your files (hard disk clashes is not acceptable for late submission)Plan your shoot so that you save time and your classmates can have the equipment for their projectSet a schedule for your preparation work, shooting & post-productionWhat we need from you?5 10 min presentation on your chosen theme.You approachYour preparationsResourcesChallenges


Remember, safety is your utmost concerns when doing outdoor photography. In certain circumstances, permits is also needs to take into consideration when choosing your theme and approach.38