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Digital Photography. Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University. Digital Photography. Digital allows as many photos as your memory card can handle, often hundreds Ability to analyze photos immediately Smartphones and laptops allow for immediate uploads Camera types Point and shoot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Digital Photography

  • Digital PhotographyProf. VaccaroHofstra University

  • Digital PhotographyDigital allows as many photos as your memory card can handle, often hundredsAbility to analyze photos immediatelySmartphones and laptops allow for immediate uploadsCamera typesPoint and shootDigital SLR: Single Lens ReflexSmartphone

  • Digital Photo BasicsRead the manual and understand the machine youre working withRepetition is key to improvementHold the camera steady and with proper formGet close to the action, dont be afraid to get what you need, when you need itThink about your audience and how they will react to your photos

  • More on Digital PhotosThink about the big shot, the front pageThink about photo galleries, images for video or shots that can be used in the futureDont forget your deadline and shipping photos to your editor as fast as possibleEthics: Do not misrepresent a photo, add a dimension or delete anything (cropping is fine for the most part) unethical journalism is very common with digital photography and unacceptableRecord ALL necessary info for captions

  • More on Digital PhotosWhat works? Composition, emotion, light and outside-the-boxGo where the other photographers arentDont forget all equipment: tri-pod, batteries, extra memory cards, etc.Act natural and move aroundBe aware of the backgroundKeep the light behind youEditing: iPhoto, Photoshop, basic cropping and lighting all work

  • Mobile photographyThink mobile first in a pinch

    Have the proper apps downloaded for editing, for uploading, etc.

    Keep stabilization in mind could be very blurry

  • Smart phone accessoriesGlif $20Tripod $15

  • Smart phone accessoriesOwle Bubo $175Fish eye lens $5

  • Camera apps for iPhoneAdobe Photoshop Express for editing

    Drop Box for storage/uploading

    Instagram/Hipstamatic for social features/lens

    Flickr upload/storage

    Photosynth panoramic

    Pic stitch photo collage

    Pro HDR for

  • EthicsChanging photos is unethical

    Editing color can be borderline unethical

    Taking photos from another site is unethical

    Known your boundaries your rights i.e. Phil Datz situation

  • Photo ExamplesNY Times Lens Blog: - lets scroll their site - lets look at just sports

  • Assignment No. 2Due Tuesday, Oct. 9Photo gallery of an event on campusOff-campus if you prefer (please check w/ me)Register, use VuVox.com5-10 photos with captionsUsing either your phone or a cameraWrite graph/headline on your blog and post the linkTweet the link out