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Learn about digital oilfields and discover six steps to successfully implement digital oilfield technology!

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  • 1. 6 Steps to Successfully Implementing Digital Oilfield Technology

2. What is Cimation? An operational intelligence company delivering secure technology solutions to the global energy industry. Larnell Nolan Technical Lead and Strategic Account Manager 3. What is a Digital Oilfield? Technology ProcessPeople Measurement Telemetry Data Analysis Visualization Control & Optimization Integration Corporate Culture Change Management Training Mission & Objectives Job Definitions Workflows The use of technology to holistically manage production, personnel and safety, allowing for reduced costs, increased production, and improved efficiency in the oil and gas sector. 4. What a Digital Oilfield is NOT NOT using technology for technologys sake NOT recreating existing data on a new platform NOT moving data from point A to point B NOT only about data accessibility .it's about using technology in a way that directly reduces cost or increases revenue. 5. The Competitive Digital Oilfield A properly configured Digital Oilfield enables you to compete more effectively with other businesses in the following areas: Productivity Efficiency Risk Mitigation 6. Empowers your workforce to be more proactive Harnesses the data you have to inform better operational decision-making so it is: Pre-emptive More informed Faster The Competitive Digital Oilfield: Productivity Photo credit: Flickr/Sonny Abesamis 7. Focuses resources on high-priority issues Reduces time required to resolve issues Promotes higher site-to-operator ratios Improves communication Better management of materials & labor Reduces error The Competitive Digital Oilfield: Efficiency 8. The Competitive Digital Oilfield: Risk Mitigation Reduces employee exposure to dangerous environments Reduces windshield Combats aging workforce through knowledge retention Facilitates compliance requirements Photo credit: Flickr/Michelllaurence 9. Avoid Common Mistakes Dont Overstretch Yourself Dont Choose the Wrong Projects or Technology Dont Compare Yourself to Others Dont Forget About Sustainability 10. 6 Steps to Ensuring Successful Implementation 1. Understand Your Baseline 2. Categorize and Prioritize Based on Expected Return 3. Define the Steps to Implement Your Solution 4. Implement Your Solution 5. Develop the Reporting Tools to Measure Your Results 6. Optimize Performance 11. Understand Your Baseline Document existing KPIs for a pre-project snapshot Catalog existing challenges and areas of improvement Document deferments and cause Understand the current process and systems used Include all metrics and measurements 12. Categorize & Prioritize Based on Expected Return Technology Solutions in the Digital Oilfield should accomplish two goals: Address existing issues and deficiencies in production or work processes Surpass current benchmarks The project should always focus on at least one of the justification classes: Productivity Efficiency Risk Mitigation 13. Define the Steps to Implement Your Solution Incorporate a phased pilot approach by creating a developmental or prototype system before applying changes asset-wide. This prototype approach is comprised of the following components: Phased development Pilot sites Iterative rollout plan 14. Benefits of the Iterative Approach Minimizes cost-prohibitive, after-the-fact changes Reduces the number of deployment issues Helps achieve goals in shorter period of time Provides better user experience 15. Implement Your Solution Choose the right technology & service providers The project team should consist of two functional categories: Operational Technical Solutions can include a blend of competencies and technologies: Field Instrumentation Industrial IT Professionals System Integrators Cyber Security Professionals Proprietary or off-the-shelf software 16. Develop Reporting Tools to Measure Your Results Create reports that document post-project KPIs Compare results against baseline data Design reports to assess adherence to project objectives 17. Optimize Performance Test and measure gaps between results and objectives Validate asset-wide design specs Refine and create solutions to address gaps and add features 18. Examples of Digital Oil Field Technology: Mobility Solutions Mobility solutions play a key role delivering results in the Digital Oilfield. Offers optimal interfaces for user input & system interaction Provides better connectivity for communication & collaboration Extends office applications into the field Enhances safety for workers in remote or hazardous locations Enables real-time access to more data Photo credit: Flickr/ebayink. 19. Examples of Digital Oil Field Technology: Remote Operations Remote monitoring and control of an artificial lift apparatus Solution benefits include: Decreased windshield time & Increased safety Increased efficiency: Allows for more time spent troubleshooting and addressing performance issues Better prioritization: Helps focus on the largest opportunity for production improvement. 20. For more information visit: @Cimation