Digital Oilfield Innovation Summit - The Innovation ie.the started to incubate a new Digital...

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download Digital Oilfield Innovation Summit - The Innovation ie.the started to incubate a new Digital Oilfield technology concepts into products and services for Baker Hughes. In 2013 ... Digital

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Transcript of Digital Oilfield Innovation Summit - The Innovation ie.the started to incubate a new Digital...

  • Digital Oilfield Innovation Summit

    Smart Field Integration to Increase Productivity & Efficiency !

    !February 25 & 26, 2016

    Houston, Texas

  • Past Speakers

    Past Speakers

    Solutions Architect & Knowledge Engineer, Upstream Integrated Operations, Southwestern Energy

    Senior Digital Oil Field Advisor, Baker Hughes Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton Chief Technical Advisor & Technology Fellow, Halliburton Snr. Enterprise Architect & Advisor, Digital Oil Field, BHP Billiton VP, Technology, Baker Hughes CIO, Petro Lucrum CEO, Accend VP & CIO, Baker Hughes Chief Architect, Halliburton President, Effidrill Solutions CEO, Effective Edge Independent Knowledge Manager & Performance Leader, Hess

  • Past Delegates Include ! Senior Manager, Expoloration, Perenco Director, Digital Oilfield Innovations, Petrobas Senior Engineer, Brasil Amarras Director, Offshore development, Chevron Operations Country Manager, Cameron

    Who Will You Meet?There is no question that IE. provides the gold standard events in the industry and will connect you with decision makers within the analytics industry. You will be meeting senior level executives from major corporations and innovative small to medium size companies.

    Job Title Of Attendees

    President /Principal



    Snr. Director /Director

    Global Head / Head

    Snr. Manager /Manager

    Academic (1%)


    Company Size Of Attendees




    1000+ Employees300-999 Employees50-299 EmployeesLess than 49 Employees

    81% Attendees are

    companies with at least 300 employees

    Attendees are at Director level or above

    F TI L







  • The Digital Oilfield Summit will focus on the ability to gather and interpret data online, as well as implement many of these changes electronically - meaning production optimization can be sustained effectively with minimum manpower and expense. !The summits aim is to review the current status of the Digital Oilfield and understand how it can be implemented into industry demands of the 21st century. Progress is essential for business in the case of the Digital Oilfield and the summit will bring

    together the most forward thinking of individuals currently working with the technology within their organizations. !Regulatory pressures are increasing and with a rising number of projects moving in to high pressure and complex environments, Oil and Gas companies are facing many new challenges. The Digital Oilfield Innovation Summit will explore the development of new technologies in areas of integrity management, drilling , explorations and productions


    Past Speaker Information

    About the Summit


    Mark Reynolds Solutions Architect & Knowledge Engineer, Upstream Integrated Operations Southwestern Energy

    Reynolds has been creating answers in diverse industries and disciplines avionics systems,

    statistical analysis, process management, real-time processing and analysis, and knowledge research. His broad experience covers a wide range of engineering operations-centric solutions, knowledge systems, and real-time process. Reynolds' focus is on bottom-line solutions by improving operations, developing solutions, and finding synergy within the organization.Reynolds is an engineer - a Systems Engineer, a Process Engineer, a Knowledge Engineer, an Innovator, a Manager, a leader of operations-centric teams and organizations. As a principal engineer and developer, my products and solutions are being used throughout Texas, the United States, North America, and the world. Products and solutions in several industries: military aircraft as a senior avionics engineer, factory equipment and solutions as a product development engineer, and currently upstream oil and gas systems and analytics the Senior Upstream Integrated Operations Architect.

    Real-time knowledge engineering and data mining are my passion; innovation and industry is what I do."

    The Holistic Approach - Brining the Data Together to Make Sense

    Reynolds will discuss several different aspects of his current role with Southwestern Energy, mainly his way of handling all the data sets that he works with on a daily basis and his more holistic approach in having it all make sense.

    Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Chief Data Scientist Halliburton

    Dr. Priyadarshy has appeared as speaker at several international conferences, and has written, co-authored, presented and published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and magazines.

    He has held various leadership positions in AOL, Network Solutions, Acxiom Corporation prior to joining Halliburton.

    He was recently named to The Financial Times list of potential board candidates with emerging technology and analytics expertise. Dr. Priyadarshy is an adjunct faculty at Georgetown University. He is currently senior fellow at the International Cyber Security Center at George Mason Uni-versity. He is advisory board member at multiple organizations including Big Data Summit, Virginia Techs MBA Board, etc. Dr. Priyadarshy holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, and an MBA from Virginia Tech.

  • Philippe Flichy Senior Digital Oil Field Advisor Baker Hughes

    Flichy is an enthusiastic, innovative networking executive with extensive international experience in technical selection, planning and execution of system integration projects. Philippe is an entrepreneurial spirit with Fortune 100 experience; he is a forward strategic thinker leveraging 20 years of challenging experiences. Philippe now applies his experience in goals definition, achievements measurement, large scale IT integration, as well as team collaboration and management to Integrated Operations. Philippe started to incubate a new Digital Oilfield technology concepts into products and services for Baker Hughes. In 2013 he joined baker Hughes CTO's office to advise internal and external Digital Oilfield projects. He extended his knowledge with corporate strategy training and applications while contributing to Schlumbergers Digital Solutions cross-segment startup leading to the new e-field in-house initiative.

    Data-User Experience Step One: Trusted Data !Complaints about the usability and trustworthiness of data along with their proper reconciliation and consistency checks have been an ongoing source of frustration to the effective adoption of the Digital Oil Field. Valid data is just the first step in the Digital Oil Field (DOF) data supply chain; once the data has been validated, it must then be properly stored (again), transmitted, accessed, and then displayed appropriately and in context. This is where standards like PRODML play a pivotal role in facilitating multivendor applications interconnection. Until we have a better approach for validating and accessing the massive amount of data generated by new sensor technologies, we cannot reap the true benefit of either the technologies or processes of the DOF. This paper attempts to highlight some similarities in the challenges other industries, such as aerospace and defence, are facing compared to O&G in terms of real-time data capture, visualization, and how are addressing them.

    Robello Samuel Chief Technical Advisor & Technology Fellow Halliburton

    Dr.Robello Samuel is a Chief Technical Advisor and Halliburton Technology Fellow working with Halliburton since 1998. He has more than 31 years of multi-disciplinary experience in domestic and international oil and gas drilling operations, as well as significant expertise in consulting and teaching. He started his career working on rigs as a field drilling engineer. His skills include practical and theoretical background in on-shore and off-shore well engineering, design, cost estimates, supervision of drilling and completion operations, personnel and technical review, project management, and creative establishment of project relationships through partnering and innovation. An acknowledged expert and lecturer in drilling engineering worldwide, he has for the past 12 years concurrently served as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston in Houston, and at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He has published more than 120 technical papers, reports. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at conferences, an invited guest lecturer at various universities. Among his recent honors, Samuel has been named SPE Distinguished Lecturer, SPE Regional Drilling Engineering Award, Landmarks R&D Employee of the Year and Halliburton CEO For A Day. His unique blend of skills as a field engineer, researcher, and professor helped him to author 8 drilling books. He also worked at the ONGC India from 1983 to 1992 as a drilling engineer. !!!!!

    Well Integrity Lifecycle Management !Samuel will delve into integrated data models for well lifecycle management; promoting the removal of anomalies in analysis by taking a bigger picture approach. Samuel will also discuss how the use of lifecycle management tools can help you define the health status of all wells for more informed decision-making during maintenance and repair projects. With his extensive experience at Halliburton, Samuel will help you in understanding the models you can utilize to ensure data is enabling you to make a priority driven approach to well management,