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  • 1. Digital Licensing Platform
    The DLP is an IT based system which allows Rights Holders and Rights Users to easily put in place copyright licences for running trials on the test bed.

2. The DLP is not:
A new collective licensing system or scheme
The Digital Copyright Exchange
The panacea for all licensing issues
3. The Digital Test Bed is a publicly funded resource established and operated by the Technology Strategy Board
It provides a virtual operating environment for testing innovative digital content services and technologies
It is equipped with a sophisticated trial management system.
A complimentary Digital Licensing Platform will increase the licensing throughput on the Test Bed
4. Rights Holder
I dont have the means or resources to respond
to all the licence requests I get from start ups
Rights User:
I cant get through to some of the rights holders that I think I need licences from
Increasing licensing throughput means addressing some basic challenges
5. Inform
The design of the DLP is based on three functional themes:
to make licensing processes more effective
6. Rights Users want information:

  • What rights must I clear? 7. From whom? 8. What are the terms? 9. Whats the process?

Rights Holders want to know:

  • Who wants a licence? 10. What does the Rights User want to do? 11. Is this a serious request? 12. Can I trust the licensee?

13. What do the licensing terms mean?
Is everyone using them in the same way?
How can Rights Users best express their licence needs?
How can Rights Holders express licence terms in a way that is generally understood?
14. DLP must provide effective tools for Rights Holders and Rights Users to:

  • Communicate 15. Agree 16. Collaborate

17. The DLP will therefore do three key things:
18. with this type of feature set:
Licence templates
Collective Licensing Portal
Model licence requests
Licensing Road Maps
Licence Authoring
Rights holder
Usage Description
Rights data
Licensing metadata
Licensing Agent
Click-through licensing
Shared worked spaces
Secure messaging
19. Digital Licensing Platform
Ok, but what is it?
20. Case Scenario 1: Rights User
Small start-up wants to offer a find that song service.
Customer remembers a segment of a lyric and can search the service to hear a song containing the segment.
Service utilises a freemium business model that will monetise by subscription, advertising and affiliation fees.
21. For Rights Users:

  • A search engine 22. Reports specific licence requirements 23. Formulates licence requests 24. Connects to Rights Holders

25. 26. 27. Case Scenario 2: Rights Holder
A major private newsreel company wants to licence its archives for use in digital services and products.
28. For Rights Holders

  • A Licence drafting tool 29. Uses Rights Holder and/or DLP text resources 30. Applies standard terminology 31. Optional wizard

32. 33. In summary
34. The DLP Value Add
Increased licensing
Increased Innovation
Plan for the future
35. DLP Futures
Proof of Concept: ICtomorrow
Industry adoption
Open Source
Utility Platform
Commercial Extensions