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  • 1. DIGI-PAKSLaura and Becca

2. WHAT IS A DIGI-PAK? A digi pak is a form ofpackaging for a CD thatprotects the disk. It can hold either one or twodisks Normally includes some formof pictures on the inside andoutside. The front cover normallypromotes the artist. 3. ALBUM COVERS Name of the artist so the audience know who the artist is and the name can be easily recognised. Name of the album. So the consumers know what there buying. Also with this artist he keeps the same name for all his albums which showA picture of the artistcontinuity for example hiswhich showsfirst album was my worldiconography. Targetthen my world 1.0 and myaudience can see the world 2.0artist and automaticallyrecognise who it is 4. ALBUM COVERS This album does not include thePicture of the name of the artistartist. This as this shows thatshows she is that welliconography know and hasas the enough publicity toaudience can not have to haverelate from the her name on thepicture who album as everyonethe artist is. knows who she is just by looking at her.The pout pulled bythe artist portrayswomen as beingprovocative. Thismay attract the Name of the albumopposite gender so the audience can see what they are buying. 5. ALBUM COVER AND BACK COVERThis album art consists The artists name and album name areof hundreds of clearly displayed at the top of the cover.photographs of the The colours of the text contrast with theartist, put together to dark cover making it stand out. from thecreate a large image of background photographs.him. This is a uniqueconcept. This unusualidea is more likely toattract the audience tothis cd cover. The dark colour scheme has been continued through to the back cover of the cd keeping continuity with the product. This is also similar with the text style. 6. BACK COVERTrack listing ofthe songsContinuity between thefront cover and backBARCODE cover. The pink cloudsare repeated 7. The artists name and album title are inkeeping with the black and white style ofthe cover. However they are in a smallfont as the photograph makes it clear tothe audience who the artist is.Dark eye make up drawingthe viewers attention. Alsouses the same eye make-upas in her Judas video. Close up of the artists face. Instantly recognisable to the audience.Cropped image with no The album cover is all black an whit apartbackground keeping thefrom the artist lips that stand out from themain focus on the artist. image and portray the artist as confidentand quirky which the artist is known for. ALBUM COVER 8. Band name and album namedisplayed in large at the top ofthe cd cover. Band logo on the cd keeping continuity with all the bands products. The photograph of the band on the cd cover create iconology for the audience.