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  • 1. Digipak Analysis
    The Eminem Show

2. Front.
On the front cover is a long shot of Eminem sat on a stage (we can tell this from the classic stage red curtains, the worn floor, spotlight and the microphone places centrally). Using the mise-en-scene in conjunction with the album title, the audience gets a clear theme that the album is about fame.
The title is presented centrally on the cover, and the typeface is very uniformed. Eminems signature backwards E is also present (a motif used in a number of Eminems work).
Eminem is sat on steps on the stage, deep in thought. The curtains are drawn slightly so we can see him. This may have a symbolic meaning Eminem may feel like the curtains have been raised on his life, and his life has become public.
As this is not Eminems first album,he is not show up close on the cover of the digipak.
3. Back.
The image on the back of the digipak is a poignant one; the only thing visible is a mic on stage in front of the curtains (no Eminem this time). Being on the back of the digipak, it gives the message that the shows over that Eminem can return to his private life now, hence no Eminem on the back. To further reinforce this, the font used for the tracklist looks like Eminems casual handwriting.
4. Tray.
The image in the CD tray is one of Eminem stood on stage, testing the microphone. It is a full body shot, so we see his entire costume as well as his face. The suit he is wearing appears to be worn casually it is loose and baggy, especially the trousers. This could link to Eminems background as a perceived gangster or white trash that wear loose and baggy clothing most of the time. Therefore, it juxtaposes his formal stage life with his more casual deprived roots.
Eminem is facing the camera, with his eyes fixed on it. This makes his face engaging for the audience.
5. Booklet.
Like Professor Greens album, The Eminem Shows booklet includes lyrics for every song on the album, thus making the stories of the songs more accessible, and in turn allowing audiences to identify with and relate to Eminem more easily.
The style of the booklet is unique. It has images, accompanied by times and series of numbers, which make the images look like CCTV footage. Some display private aspects of Eminems life (ie, swimming with his daughter, and taking out the trash).The picture of a paparazzi and a CCTV camera reinforce this.This supports the idea that the albums theme is fame, and also makes it look his life is public and he cannot get away from attention.
6. CD.
The CD follows the style of the covers of the digipak, in that it has the same title typeface and red curtains on it. This uniformity gives the entire digipak an easily recognisable aesthetic.
Further evidence that lyrics in the booklet for a hip-hop digipak are a good idea.
Uniformity in text is essential.
If the album has a theme, it must be maintained throughout the digipak (ie, the title, curtains, microphone, CCTV footage and paparazzi all contribute to conveying the theme of unwanted fame in The Eminem Show.