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  • 2. The common feature in these grime album covers is that there is a lot of focus on the artist's face, and the artist tends to look away from the camera, this may suggest that he is preoccupied with struggle he may have faced. Artists name in capital letters and in bold, this is to grab attention of customers. The artists is wearing a hoodie, this relates to youths and grime. The colour grey on the hoodie may represent dullness. There lives maybe boring and useless to them. The white background maybe used to show the contrast between the artist having nothing before. This is the usual convention of a grime artist.
  • 3. The artists image is in the center, catches audiences main focus Blurred background makes the artists stand out more The text is in white which contrasts with the background, making it stand out more. The characters of the writing are spaced out which gives a sense of fullness to the cover. Artist facial expression suggest he is looking directly at the audience which creates a connection. The background is grime culture of the streets which in a connotes.
  • 4. The artist in this cover is in the middle, this grabs the audiences attention. The artists body language is a bit aggressive and is pointing towards the audience. This could be to create a connection to the audience. The facial expression on the artist seems he is angry which is common in grime artists. The artist name is in bold, large, capital letters with a normal font across the cover. Underneath is the album title in a rough font. This creates awareness of the artists name and album title.
  • 5. Neon lights used, make the artists and titles stand out Artist facial expression is intense suggests he is serious about his music. The city landscape in cover shows the artist has power over the nation as he is now popular and well known. The artists name and title of the album are placed in the corner of the cover. This could be due to the audience to have their main focus on the artist and then it grab their awareness of the album. They titles are in bold white and in caps to grabs audiences attention.
  • 6. In this image the artist is doing a pose where he makes himself be the center of attention. This is common in grime music to show these individuals have made it into the music industry. The colour white in the background may show happiness, that the artist has come this far in his career. The black jacket may be used to show power and evil, this is supported by the smirk on the artists face. This is important in grime culture as it shows who is superior.
  • 7. This is an example cd of a grime artists, Wiley. Name printed on large and bold, to grabs attention of customers. Name of the single, which may have had popular hits. Date, to show what year this came out. Background is of an eye, which symbolizes inner visions and mysterious, this may relate to the artist songs in the album. White text on a dark background makes the information stand out more. This is a very simple cd, this is most popular in grime artists as they do not like to show to much. There is a logo printed on, this could be the record label logo.
  • 8. Parts of the artist's image is animated. This shows the ghetto side of the artists life. Shows in bold when the album comes out, with the date. There is a thumbnail of the album cover, this promotes sales and awareness. There are a list of places where the album can be purchased from. There are tall buildings from estates/blocks in the background, adding to the grime theme. The name of the album is in white text in a black background. This makes the name stand out in bold.
  • 9. The artists is looking straight at the camera to grab a connection with customers. The artist stand out from the image of a black and white background. This emphasis of the importance of the artist. The background of the building and streets may suggest on the artists life. Therefore, he is standing in the center where he is now more superior due to his success. Bar code of the magazine Name of the artist in large font and in a multiple of colours. This makes it stand out from the background. The name of the magazine who are promoting this artist to sell his album.
  • 10. The artist in a studio for this magazine cover, this is common location used by grime artists. The title of the album, promoting the artist song. The main titles in this magazine cover are in yellow and the subtitles in white, this separates the two. The title of the magazine which are helping the artist promote their new album.
  • 11. The artist is in the center of the magazine advert. His body language is very stiff and broad. The facial expression on the artist seems serious which may suggest his ma focus is on his songs. Artists name in the corner of the page, in bold, white writing. This may be placed there as the artist image will catch the audiences attention. The background used in in plain, dark grey, which suggests the main focus is on the artist and information on the advert. The title of the advert is in red and behind the artist, this sows the artist is the center of attention.
  • 12. Title of the magazine in red, grabs attention of audience. Artist is in the center of the page. The artists body language shows he is relaxed and chilled due to his success. Expensive car shows he is earning large amount of money. Barcode of the magazine Ratings, which help sell the artist and the magazine. Different coloured fonts used to grab audience attention for important information relating to the artist.