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We provide industry leading mold manufacturing methods for the plastics industry, which include: design, manufacture and injection. Our project management services to our customers is second to none. We are focused on handling every aspect of your product needs , featuring aluminum , hybrids and steel custom mold manufacturing.

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  • Plastic Injection MoldsExtrusion MoldsBlow MoldsCompression Molds

  • Plastic Injection molding is a very important strategy or process employed in the manufacturing of plastics.

    Plastic Injection molding technique is used for producing plastic parts or products by forcing molten plastic into a particular mold or shape where the molten plastic cools and hardens to form the mold shaped product.

  • The major features or specifications of extrusion molds include smooth surface and superior quality. This extrusion machine is a must for every manufacturing site that is involved with heavy manufacturing. It is a very important CNC machine that is available in every CNC machine shop.

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