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  • 1. Task 1. Different Applications of Photography Jack Rogers

2. Advertising Industry Advertising Techniques in the industry is all about how can they sell the products there target audience and how they can get the attention of there target audience by relating to their audience they try to draw you in and make you buy the product. This is all about the Graphic communication with there target audience and how to relate to them and try to persuade them in to buying the product. Some examples are shown in the pictures to the right for example Nike Free Runners and addidas clothing they focus on the target audience and try to sell them there products. They want you to make sure that the product is stuck in your head for example new season clothes trying to pull u in the shops to spend your money advertising can also be related with Headphones and product that they company want to sell for example cereals and headphones jewellery. A advertising photographer for advertising products have to focus on the target audience here is a advertising photographer William Moy is a advertising photographer here is a pic of some of his work on the next slide. Most of the advertising can be found on television social networking and on the interne. 3. Fashion Industry Fashion industry is similar to the advertising industry they all focus on selling the product dragging you in to the shops getting your attention and most importantly for you to buying the products they can use anything from brigh5t and colourful colour to draw you in posters are also used and most importantly they use sexy factor for both men and women this is a key feature with advertising with in the fashion industry here is a couple of pictures to show these features such as a sexy factor and a eye catching colour to bring u in to buy the products. A Fashion photographer is Alice Hawkins these are her words a quick quote from Alice Hawkins she has commented of her own approach, 'sometimes I make a friend and photography naturally happens; sometimes photography happens and I make a friend'. http://showstudio.com/contributor/alice_ hawkins 4. Marianne Harris is a great music photographer uses many techniques in his photography work as you can see by the images above the effects and the perfection and technique that have come into them. As you can see by this not hat Marianne Harris has taken there is a technique called rule of the thirds this means In the rule of thirds, photos are divided into thirds with two imaginary lines vertically and two lines horizontally making three columns, three rows, and nine sections in the images. Important compositional elements and leading lines are placed on or near the imaginary lines and where the lines intersect as you can see the singer or performer that is on the stage isnt right bang in the middle it is to the right. Another technique used is called back ground in this photo the part of the scene that appears behind the main subject of the photographer and it is the furthers away from the viewer who is looking at the photo another technique used is depth of field it is the range of the acceptably sharp focus between the nearest and the furthest objects in this case the singer performer is more sharp and the bridge I the background is more the angle of this view in the photo was taken waist height so it can get all of the singer and the crowd and the bridge in the background. Music Industry 5. Sports Industry The sports industry is one of he main industries that we hear about all the time the adverts and photography is all over the place for example the shops the pictures in the window draw you in you see them all on bill boards on the websites they try and get the best pictures to get the best photos to advertise them to you for example in the pictures next to this you can see that they don not just sell the product by adding an image they go above and beyond by adding the product being in use being and taking the photo where u would see them for example by looking at the pictures you can see that the football boots are being worn so u get a sense of what they are like when worn unlike a photo of them, in a white background and also the bike you can see in the image is shown to be in use in action actually getting a feeling of what it is like in its natural place a bad example would be just like the football boots just having a white background the shots hat the photographers use such as niel leifer and bill franks use shots such as they use shots such as close ups to show the features and show them in action. As you can see by the images the picture above looks better than the other one because it is in action in what it does better the picture draws me in more than the other ones. As you can see by the images the picture to the right looks better than the other one because it is in action in what it does better the picture draws me in more than the other ones. 6. Fine Art Photography Fine art photography is very very personal it is to do with different interpretations for example the message can be different comparing to the viewer and the photographer it is all to do with personal feelings and emotions and needs a lot of Context to understand the meaning of the photo. They do not work to have there work in exhibit in a gallery a famous fine art photographer is Rankine he uses mainly faces