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Die Cut Patterns.  Ballot Boxes Bin Boxes Display Boxes Gift Boxes Mailers          Folding Cartons Setup Boxes Software Packaging Suitcase Boxes Specialty Packaging  Food Boxes    . What is a Die – Cut Boxes?. What is a Die Cut ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Die Cut PatternsBallot Boxes Bin Boxes Display Boxes Gift Boxes Mailers Folding Cartons Setup Boxes Software Packaging Suitcase Boxes Specialty Packaging Food Boxes

  • What is a Die CutBoxes?

  • What is a Die Cut ?a process used in manufacturing where material is cut or punched out with a die, (or a shape). This piece of material can be a developable surface (like a folding box)

  • Die Cut Pattern

  • What you need to do before the design challenge.Bring the Die Cut box pattern into Photoshop and create a motif design using colors and shapes. Print out your motif design and box on a piece of paper. Cut out the pattern and fold on fold lines. Glue together to make the box.Make certain your name and class period is somewhere on your design.

  • What is a motif?A dominant theme or central idea. A repeated figure or design in design, architecture or decoration.

  • Die Cut Boxes

  • Die Cut Box Styles

  • Box Templates

  • Design ChallengeDecide on a product that you would like to design new die cut packaging.Design the shape of your product in Inventor and put on a Title BlockDesign a simple die cut package that is made to fit onto one piece of 8.5 x 11 paper.Design the Graphics that will be included on the box designUse folding, cutting and scoring techniques to simulate a die-cut cardboard package. You must have a specific product in mind for your design.

  • Challenge ContinuedSketch your box design on graph paper using a ruler. Remember measurements must be exact or else the box does not work.Once design is approved, you will sketch the final in Autocad.The Autocad sketch will then be imported into Photoshop where you will incorporate the graphic design for your package design.Print your graphic design for your package on a piece of paper and adhere it to the cardboard box design.

  • Ergonomics- is theaspect of design orengineeringconcerned with human needsand human form. The field is also calledhuman engineering or human factor engineering. Aesthetics-(or esthetics) the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. The way someone perceives the world visually.

  • Criteria/ ConstraintsThe die cut box must fit on an 8.5x11 paper.The die cut must have fold lines, cut lines, flaps for tucking and gluing.The die cut must have a creative motif that pertains to the product and die cut that you are designing.Must also include the name of the product, where it was made, how much it cost, the bar code, and any warnings and/or instructions.

  • Criteria ContinuedThe Graphic Design is done in Photoshop and must include use of EDIT ->copy/ paste/transform Brush tool, pencil tool,

  • Time LinePre-made Pattern exercise-cut and drawDue 11/21Preliminary Sketches/ Die Cut Template in InventorDue 11/30Inventor Sketch of Product/Graphic Design/Die Cut Box on Cardboard all Due 12/2-Design your own die cut box--thumbnail sketches Due 12/7-annotated sketch Due 12/7-Cad drawn sketch Due 12/7-Motif and product design Due 12/9-Project Design Board Due 12/13