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Have you ever CELEBRATED failure? We build a new culture of failure. The Day for Failure is an international celebration of failure which takes place on October 13th. Visit http://dayforfailure.com/ Also Follow us on Twitter @dayforfailure image credits: http://wallbase.cc

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  • 2. Our culture does not accept failure. Why?
  • 3. Youre afraid because people judge you.
  • 4. Of course,it hurts
  • 5. And perhaps becausethere might be nosecond chance?
  • 6. Fear of failure prevails like a virus. The result is Massive Discouraged No timely sufferings bold actions action forand stigmas and new starts problems
  • 7. HOWEVER,the biggest price youhave to pay is
  • 8. The valuable lessonsARE NOT SHARED. The success stories ARE NOT CREATED.
  • 9. Lets re-shapeour culture forfailure
  • 10. In order to make it happen,We must celebrate failure.
  • 11. TWO YEARS AGO IN FINLAND,We organized our first National Day for Failure tocelebrate failure and help them understand failureas a valuable learning experience.
  • 12. WE INTERVIEWED PUBLIC FIGURES,We gathered people together to share their failuresstories and lessons. And..
  • 13. Extensive media coverage andattention from the public followed. 1 mil+ 80,000+ 300+ Visitors for our Personal failure Views for our videos Facebook page stories shared Given the small population of Finland, these were no small numbers!
  • 14. SINCE THEN,we came to truly believe in our power to make adifference and amplify our impact on a global scale.
  • 15. We invite you to get involved and celebrate The International Day for Failure in your region. There are tons of ways to celebrate the day!Failure-sharing party with Workshops at organizations such as a Public events family and friends school or a company For more details, visit our website.
  • 16. Join us and MAKE OUR IMPACT BIGGER These are our partners who made the success of last year possible.
  • 17. SPREAD THE WORD Check out our Website Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
  • 18. WE ARE LOOKING FORPARTNERS,who want to organize events to celebrate theInternational Day for Failure. We will give ourfull-support to help you organize the event.
  • 19. Thank you Visit our website to learn more.For questions and feedback, send email to info@dayforfailure.com brought to you by Photo Credits: Erkua, LibertyGrace, USAG-Humphreys, Wallbase and TheKenChan