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DevOps for Developers #DesertCodeCamp @wfbutton

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  • DevOpsfor Developers

    #DesertCodeCamp @wfbutton

  • Promises of DevOpsFaster releases

    More confidence Better failure detection

    Higher resiliency Improved monitoring

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  • Remember where we came from?and where we dont want to go back to!

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  • IT and Development were not aligned Provisioning hardware was slow and expensive

    Changes were risky and hard to rollback

    Well have that server ready for you next quarter.

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  • To the cloud!

    Just needed managers CC

    Infinite access to servers

    Cloud all the things!

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  • and then the bill cameAccounting was not pleased.

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  • Rule #1Use what you need, but need what you use.

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  • Use the tools:

    AWS Cost Analyzer Billing Alerts

    Heroku Dashboard

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  • and now everything is great#DesertCodeCamp @wfbutton

  • Managing Deployments

    Define the rules of production

    Who can push code (ideally, no one)

    Tests that must pass


    Change review boards suck (but sometimes are needed)

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  • Rule #2Thou shalt not touch production (by hand).

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  • Jenkins or CircleCI Define the workflow Triggered automatically Rules/Tests must pass No humans!

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  • Testing Tests for your code


    Minimum levels of test

    Server tests

    rspec for puppet

    Test Kitchen

    CI Tool requires passing tests

    API testing with jmeter

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  • Dont you forget about me. Configuration management

    Remember how we got here?

    IT does play a role

    and it should be automated


    Same rules:

    Tests/ Rollback/ Ephemeral

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  • Rule #3Infrastructure is code.

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  • From a Disaster Recovery View

    Find the most recent backup

    Pray that its good

    Build a new server

    Search Stack Overflow


    Search Stack Overflow

    Ask business what data they really need

    Update LinkedIn profile

    Deploy via CI

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  • MonitoringIts not just for disk space

    or CPU or Memory

    (though those are important too!)

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  • Correlated EventsResponse time tagged with deploys

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  • Apdex Score Its a real thing

    Measure of response times against a threshold

    Satisfied: T or less

    Tolerating: >T, 4T

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  • Things that dont

    Polling is great for this

    TTL on metrics (Riemann)

    Instrument alerts and fallbacks in code

    The Art of Monitoring -James Turnbull

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  • Metrics Overload

    What are your customers paying you for?

    How do you measure that?

    What are the dependencies?

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  • Rule #4If its important, measure it.

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  • Rules in Review

    Use what you need, but need what you use.

    Thou shalt not touch production (by hand).

    Infrastructure is code.

    If its important, measure it.

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  • Your Homework

    Pick a rule.

    Make some progress.



    This is how you build culture, and

    culture is really what DevOps is


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