Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore School of Computer ... personality development of the students

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Transcript of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore School of Computer ... personality development of the students

  • Page | 1 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

    School of Computer Science & Information Technology

    Admission Information Bulletin 2018

    For online application form submission Log on:


    The School of Computer Science & IT aspires to produce world-class professionals who have

    excellent analytical skills, communication skills, team building spirit and ability to work in

    cross-cultural environment. It promotes learning through teaching and creating & sharing

    knowledge. The university provides world-class facilities and resources to its students and

    faculty so as to produce international quality IT professionals, who can independently design,

    develop and implement computer applications in business and scientific domain.

    The School

    School of Computer Science & Information Technology (SCS&IT) is a university teaching

    department of Devi Ahilya University. The University is recently accredited ‘A’ Grade by

    National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), indicative of the assimilation of best

    teaching-learning practices.

  • Page | 2 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    School of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in 1986 to promote

    technical education and research in the important and fast growing branches of Information

    Technology. The school has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty along with

    excellent computing facilities and well-equipped laboratories for improving quality in education.

    The up gradation of syllabus, curriculum, teaching days and adherence of academic calendar is

    noteworthy peculiarity of the department. The school follows the best practices recommended by

    National bodies for framing the new curriculum. The entire curriculum is available for the

    students on website of the school. It has excellent track record of timely declaration of results.

    The School follows an effective student feedback mechanism as well.

    Department has eight computer laboratories. There is separate research laboratory for research

    scholars. WiFi and cable internet is available in all the class rooms, library and laboratories.

    The rapid change in the corporate world asks for proper communication skills in almost all kinds

    of fields. UGC and AICTE also have strongly recommended enhancement of English Language

    skills amongst students for better career prospects. Keeping this perspective school has

    implemented an English language lab to enhance overall communication skills amongst students.

  • Page | 3 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    Departmental library is fully automated. Over 15,000 text books & reference books are available

    in the library. Subscription to online journal is also available, which includes access to topmost

    journals in computer science like ACM, IEEE & Elsevier. School has fetched several research

    projects from MHRD, DST, and UGC. Overall, regular and continuous efforts are made to

    progress towards academic excellence.


    The encouraging learning environment of the school has created extensive subject knowledge

    and also a sense of commitment and the value of hard work in the students. Emphasis is on

    project based learning so as to improve employability. The efforts have resulted in excellent

    placement of all the eligible students of the school in premier National and International software

    companies. Top leading software companies visits the campus for recruitment, which are

    planned and organized by the central placement cell of the university.

  • Page | 4 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    Student co-curricular activities

    Co-curricular activities or extracurricular Activities help to develop various facets of the

    personality development of the students. These are important aspects of an educational

    institution to develop the students’ personality as well as to strengthen the classroom learning.

    The school organizes various programs and functions to supplement the regular academic and

    curricular activities. The School declares an academic and co-curricular activity calendar every

    year, which is strictly adhered and complied.

    Green Policy

    The University’s Green University Policy is crafted to contribute in environment protection and

    efficient use of energy. The objective is to develop and maintain clean, green and sustainable

    campuses of Devi Ahilya University.

    University is also dedicated to spread awareness towards energy conservation and environment

    responsibility. It emphasizes on conservation of environmental resources, efficient usage of

    resources and enhancement of resources for environmental conservation. The university aims to

  • Page | 5 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    reduce the generation of wastes in all possible manners and thus provides safe and healthy

    environment for students and staff.

    School of Computer Science & IT celebrates International Day of Climate Action on 24 th

    October every year.

    AICTE approved M.Tech. Programmes

    All M.Tech. programmes run by the school are AICTE approved. The Gate qualified students

    taking admission in M.Tech. are eligible to receive stipend of Rs. 12000/- per month. Recently,

    AICTE has launched an online portal to regularize the payment process and disburse the stipend

    on time.

    Discipline and Anti-Ragging

    All candidates selected shall be subject to the disciplinary rules of the school and University.

    Ragging, teasing, torturing or making nuisance in any way inside or outside the campus has been

    declared as a serious offence. The Anti Ragging Committee of the school is authorized to take

    strict action against the culprit indulging in ragging the newly admitted students / junior students.

  • Page | 6 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    If students are found guilty of ragging they are liable for punishment without prejudice as per

    UGC anti-ragging regulation. No any ragging case has been filed in the school till date.

    Important information regarding academic system, admission procedures, requirements

    and general information about School of Computer Science & Information Technology

    (SCS&IT) is covered in the rest part of this bulletin.

    Academic System

    The school offers wide range of Post-Graduates programmes and Under-Graduate programme.

    These programmes provide appropriate specialization for students with a wide range of

    backgrounds and career aspirations.

    Programmes Offered

    The school shall offer admission under departmental level in following programmes in academic

    year 2018-19

    Undergraduate/Modular Programmes after 10+2:

    1. Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA (3 Yr.) 2. Bachelor of Computer Application(Honors) – BCA(Hons.) (4 Yr.)

    Post Graduate Computer Science Programmes:

    1. Master of Computer Applications- MCA (3 yr.)

    2. Master of Science (Computer Science) - M.Sc. (CS) (2yr.)

    3. Master of Science (Information Technology) - M.Sc. (IT) (2yr.)

  • Page | 7 Admission Process -2018, SCS&IT, DAVV, Indore

    4. Master of Business Administration (Computer Management) - MBA (CM) (2yr.)

    5. PGDCA (1yr..)

    M. Tech. Programmes:

    1. Master of Technology - M.Tech. (Computer Science) (2yr.)

    2. Master of Technology - M.Tech. (Information Architecture & Software Engineering) (2yr.)

    3. Master of Technology - M.Tech. (Network Management & Information Security) (2yr.)

    Quota of Seats

    Programmes Total

    No. of




    PH JK






    MBA (CM) 30 8 5 4 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 1 1 1

    BCA 60 18 9 8 4 7 3 6 2 3 1 1 1 1

    M.Sc. (CS) 30 8 5 4 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 1 1 1

    M.Sc. (IT) 30 8 5 4 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 1 1 1

    PGDCA 30 8 5 4 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 1 1 1

    The Eligibility for each Programme is :

    (1) BCA /BCA(Hons.)

    XII with 50% marks and Mathematics as one of the compulsory subject.

    (2) MC