Developing and Positioning the Internal Professionalism of Shared Services

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The Australasian Shared Services Association presents the hard truth about the journey and challenges of shared services today.

Transcript of Developing and Positioning the Internal Professionalism of Shared Services

  • 2. Australasian Shared Services Association Established in 2000 to benchmark common business processes between organisations Included many of Australia & New Zealands largest organisations Developed Better Practice Forums to share improvement initiatives In 2011, ASSA is re-positioning itself to promote the shared services profession, foster networking and provide a targeted training and development program for Managers/Leaders ASSA is the peak body moving the reputation of shared services out of the back-office
  • 3. Strategic IntentASSA supports the growth of SharedServices professionals by being a leadingsource of knowledge and facilitator of itspractical applicationOur vision is to deliver shared servicesexperience, insight and innovation
  • 4. What is shared services .. Really? Shared Services is a mechanism for transforming organisational: Culture Policies Processes Governance Shared Services in every organisation has been established with a licence to reform Are we using that licence wisely?
  • 5. Common MythsShared Services is sometimes perceived as: Transactional Non value-adding Low strategic importance Last chance for poor performers
  • 6. Next GenerationShared Services should be perceived as: Transformational Value accretive Strategically aligned Capable
  • 7. The Challenge Performance builds credibility, so begin by ensuring delivery on every promise. Take stock of your strengths and develop a specific engagement strategy Improve visibility by: Conducting internal road-shows Involving your internal communications professional to showcase successes Language defines what we do choose wisely and dont dumb-it down Actively pursue medium-term opportunities for shared services that will move you up the value chain
  • 8. The Journey there is more to do Expertise Technical Administrative Work Themes Transactional Transactional: Hands-on processing Administrative: Develop/improve procedures Technical: operational best practice, provide advice Avoid being stuck here Expertise: Knowledge experts, influencing policy
  • 9. Levels of Work where do you fit? Level Time frame of thinking Complexity in Shared Services 1 Todays work Operator roles. Direct action in immediate situation. Front-line. 2 Next 3 months Diagnostic focus. First managerial role, usually team leader/supervisor 3 1-2 years Planning & delivery focus. Designs & owns systems for service delivery. 4 2-5 years Strategic development & growth of Shared Services. New opportunities. 5 5-10 years Creating vision, leading the mission. Future of business. Shared Services among several responsibilities.Adapted from Executive Leadership by E Jacques & S Clement (1994)
  • 10. Hard Truth Performance alone is not enough, so learn to understand the internal optics Be aware and listen to the critics they shape mythologies but can be authentic advocates Demonstrate wider knowledge by briefing your senior executives on trends in shared services Hire clever, talented people with good internal reputation who can be your champions If a team is seen as having no further capability to do more, so to is the leader. Rebuild fast!
  • 11. What to think about Improve your own internal knowledge about the growth and re-invention challenges of your organisation and align your shared services strategy Most company information flows through shared services, so look for the value-add What keeps your boss awake at night? If youre not sure, find out! Plan your groups move to the next stage of process complexity If image, perceptions or reputation are an issue, undertake a diagnostic and deal with the root cause
  • 12. Final Thoughts to help your career Shared Services is an emerging profession We are the sanctioned agents of transformation and efficiency We range across our organisations and know more about the business than most people We should be proud of what we deliver Join ASSA and help build the professionalism of this enriching career choice
  • 13. For further information go to