Developing a global perspective in teacher education ppt2

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Transcript of Developing a global perspective in teacher education ppt2

  • 1. Dr. Vivian M. Covington
    Dr. Carolyn C. Ledford
    East Carolina University
    Developing a Global Perspective in Teacher Education


  • A public research one university with over 28,000 students

3. Began as a teacher preparation college and continues to have a strong focus on teacher educationEast Carolina University

  • ECUs Teacher Education programs have produced a higher number of employees in NC schools that any other institution.

5. College of Education is striving to address national and state accreditation standards on diversity, infusion of international topics/themes.ECU Facts

  • 2009-2010 school year

7. Almost22,342 students in Pitt County Schools 8. Top 3 languages spoken 9. Spanish, Arabic, and JapanesePublic Schools in Pitt County
10. English Language Learner in Pitt County Schools by Native Language Based on October 1, 2010 Headcount
ELLs by Native Language

  • Urgency is added by the fact that as the teacher population remains relatively white and middle class, the student population in our state continues to change rapidly.

12. RevisionedTeacherEducation 13. SACS ECU Global Goal 14. NCATE Standard 4 15. NCSDPI 21st Century Schools and Students 16. New NC Teacher Rubric Standards 2 and 4 17. New Scholl leaders Rubric Standards 3 and 4Impetus for Change

  • Study of cultures

19. International issues 20. Responsible citizenship in our interdependent world 21. Effective cross-cultural communication (NC and the World, September, 2006)In order to attain a world view, teachers must include

  • Multiple perspectives

23. Comprehension and appreciation of cultures 24. Knowledge of global issues 25. The world as interrelated systems(Alger, 1986; Anderson, 1994; Merryfield, 1997; Tye, 1999)Congruent Elements found in various conceptualizations include:
26. ECUs multi-prong approach to infusing international education into teacher preparation focuses on

  • Academic advising

27. Curriculum development 28. Collaborative partnerships 29. Study abroad 30. Professional development