DEVelOPers - short devops story.

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me, myself and I Marcin Mazurek <[email protected]> MWPZ 12/2013
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Short presentation about devops given during Group Programming Competition 2013 in Poznań.

Transcript of DEVelOPers - short devops story.

  • 1. me, myself and I Marcin Mazurek MWPZ 12/2013

2. DEVELOPERS 3. DEVELOPERS 4. the admin 5. the devil 6. the devel 7. pre-devops time 8. kultura pracy i kultura organizacji zrozumienie potrzeb innych zespow zrozumienie wsplnych celw 9. narzdzia sposb pracy - procesy puppet chef saltstack fabric ansible cucumber vagrant docker oculus skyline test-kitchen jenkins bamboo gerrit stash openstack logstash nagios zabbix icinga graphite splunk git subversion continous integration / delivery / deployment 10. John Allspaw and Paul Hammond - "10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr: Deployment Pipeline: from check-in to release - Jez Humble - PuppetConf '12: 11. Dzikuj! Twitter: mazuchna Zdjcia: