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Devante StinsonBrazil

Historical Facts About BrazilPortuguese conquerors were the first Europeans to take over Brazil from the natives who lived there.

Brazil remained a Portuguese colony until 1808.

Brazil became an independent country in 1888.

The Geography of BrazilBrazils latitude is 15.78335 and the longitude is 47.8667.It is the worlds 5th largest country, both in geographical area and population.Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon and the jungles surrounding it.

Capital And Large CitiesThe capital is Brasilia.The two largest cities are Sao Paulo and Salvador.

Famous Things in Brazil Corcovado Mountain The city of Rio de Janeiro is instantly recognizable to the world all over because of the white Christ the Redeemer statue that stands atop the Corcovado Mountain. Constructed in 1931.

ExportsBrazil has been the worlds producer of coffee for the last 150 years.

The major AttractionsThe major attractions of Brazil is that they have beautiful cities and hotels and the hotels is not that expensive.

Brazils Population212,346,064

Brazils GovernmentTheir government is a democracy.

The Head Governments Name Dilma Rousseff

Brazil CurrencyBrazil calls their money Brazilian Real. A dollar here is worth $ 3.22.


Language In Brazil They speak Portuguese.

Brazil ClimateBrazil climate is mostly tropical.

Brazils ReligionThere main religion is Christian.

Whats Special in BrazilThe Amazon Forest and River

Special Events

Brazils Cultural CustomsBrazil celebrates Independence Day September 7On May 1 they celebrate Dia do Trabalhador, which id their Labor Day.

3 Landmarks for touristsThe Amazon Theatre

3 Landmarks For TouristsThe Amazon Forrest

3 Landmarks For TouristsThe Amazon River