Dev to Delivery with Puppet, Vagrant and AWS

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"Dev to Delivery with Puppet, Vagrant and AWS" by Sam Bashton of Bashton Ltd. at Puppet Camp London 2013. Find the video here:

Transcript of Dev to Delivery with Puppet, Vagrant and AWS


2. ABOUT ME Linux guy since Slackware, floppy disks and root + boot Using Puppet since 2007 Run a company in Manchester, North West England We provide outsourced ops for other companies 3. TOOLS FOR THE DAY 4. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS TALK? 5. WHAT WE HAVE Dev Integration QA Stage Live 6. WHICH ENVIRONMENTS ARE MANAGED BY PUPPET? Dev Integration QA Stage Live 7. WHAT WE'RE AFTER Confidence that everything will work correctly in production Consistency between environments 8. OPS AND DEVS COOPERATING Previously: Devs built stuff Later, Ops came and built production infrastructure This caused many IT problems The solution? 9. OPSVELOPMENT 10. OPS AND DEVS WORKING TOGETHER Ops need to be involved in development planning process Puppet modules and manifests should be selected/built as part of the development process 11. DEVELOP ON PUPPET PROVISIONED ENVIRONMENTS As early as possible, all dev should be done on systems built from Puppet Puppet manifests get tested as part of the development process 12. VAGRANT Builds virtual machines, optionally from Puppet manifests Makes it easy to spin up short-lived dev instances Quick to get working Avoid ops being a blocker for dev 13. A WORKFLOW Development happens on Vagrant VM(s) Deployment to all shared environments happens via Jenkins 14. PUPPET CONFIG There should be only one set of Puppet manifests/modules Tested deployed and merged through software test environments 15. ONE SET OF MANIFESTS, MANY ENVIRONMENTS Different environments need different config Resource locations Settings 16. DEALING WITH DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS Hiera Removes the need for ugly if/else blocks Put anything that differers by environment in a separate file Can encrypt with hiera-gpg if data sensitive 17. HIERA.YAML :irrh: heacy -%evrnet {niomn} -cmo omn 18. VAGRANTFILE VgatcniueVGATIEAIVRIN d |ofg arn.ofgr(ARNFL_P_ESO) o cni| cni.mbx="ets4lc ofgv.o cno6-x" cni.mhsnm ="uptofeape ofgv.otae ppecn-xml" cni.mpoiin:uptd |upt ofgv.rvso ppe o ppe| ppe.aiet_ah uptmnfsspt ="uptmnfss ppe/aiet" ppe.aietfl uptmnfs_ie ="iep" st.p ppe.ouept uptmdl_ah ="uptmdls ppe/oue" ppe.ir_ofgpt ='uptheaym' uptheacni_ah ppe/ = [-evrnet,"oadv] uptotos > "-niomn" lcle" ed n ed n 19. TO DEVELOP: Start of the day, dev runs v g a t u and gets the latest arn p environment Code/objects sit in a shared vagrant volume End of the day, or when new Puppet manifests/modules are available, v g a t d s r yis run arn eto 20. VAGRANT PROVISIONERS Avoid VirtualBox wherever possible Slow, prone to taking down host machine On Linux, vagrant-lxc is speedy VMWare Fusion for non-free fruit-based Unix 21. VAGRANT AND AWS Use Vagrant to bring up machines in AWS using v g a t a splugin arn-w Makes it easy to share work in progress Means VirtualBox doesn't crash your laptop Has cost implications 22. QA/STAGING ENVIRONMENTS IN AWS Merge to appropriate branch in git Jenkins takes over 23. ADVANTAGE OF AWS Great thing about AWS - we don't need to run our test environments all the time Have the environments only when you need them 24. TESTING VS LIVE Use the money saved to build better environments Minimise differences between testing and live In particular, test on environments with relevant HA as early as possible 25. SPEEDING UP THE PROCESS Some resources, in particular DBs can be slow to provision (30 mins plus) Could just run 24/7 One approach: pilot light provisioning 26. PILOT LIGHT PROVISIONING Tiers built using autoscaling groups Minimum instance count is 0 Jenkins sets desired capacity appropriately on deploy Reset to 0 via a recurring scheduled operation on ASG and/or Jenkins job 27. CONCLUSIONS Infrastructure development should run in parallel to software dev This means devs + ops must co-operate Minimise differences from production at all stages If a dev can't see the problem in their environment, you're much more likely to get woken up by it 28. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Sam Bashton Twitter: @bashtoni (Psst.. ) 29. REFERENCES, LINKS Vagrant vagrant-lxc hiera-gpg Masterless Puppet + AWS