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Transcript of Detroit Red Wings Clips 5.22. · PDF fileDetroit Red Wings Clips! May 22, 2015 Detroit Red...

  • Detroit Red Wings Clips May 22, 2015

    Detroit Red Wings PAGE 2 Mike Babcock thanks Red Wings fans in full-page ad PAGE 3 Nicklas Lidstrom co-authors scientific paper in Sweden PAGE 4 Top Wings prospect Dylan Larkin leaves U-M for pros PAGE 5 Writer: Red Wings lose Babcock, still come out winners PAGE 6 Fedorov, others in alleged Ponzi scam awarded millions PAGE 8 Blashill speaks: I want to be Red Wings' next coach PAGE 9 St. James: Babcock knows 'pain coming' with Maple Leafs PAGE 11 Grapes and Gretz like Maple Leafs' hiring of Babs PAGE 13 Jeff Blashill wants to be Red Wings' next coach PAGE 14 Dylan Larkin to leave Michigan, join Wings PAGE 16 Babcock: Leafs job about 'maximizing your potential' PAGE 18 Dylan Larkin jumps into mix with Griffins; 'We believe he can help right

    now' PAGE 19 Mike Babcock links: 'Crushing blow' leaves Sabres 'livid' over decision to

    go to Toronto PAGE 21 Red Wings draft pick Dylan Larkin confident he's ready to begin

    professional hockey career PAGE 23 Detroit Red Wings' high-end prospect Dylan Larkin turns pro, will join

    Grand Rapids for AHL playoffs PAGE 25 Mike Babcock embraces challenge of making Maple Leafs relevant,

    grateful for time with Red Wings PAGE 28 Jeff Blashill 'determined' his interest in Red Wings job won't distract playoff

    run PAGE 30 Red Wings who played for Jeff Blashill in Grand Rapids speak highly of

    their former coach PAGE 33 Babcock pledges to build Cup contender in Toronto PAGE 35 Dylan Larkin to leave Michigan, sign contract with Red Wings PAGE 36 Gave: Babcock, Leafs in for rude awakening PAGE 38 Babcock: Returning Leafs to prominence will be 'massive challenge' PAGE 40 Players love Blashill; Holland loves that he wins PAGE 42 / Babcock: Blashill will be next Red Wings coach PAGE 44 / Holland: Red Wings offer to Babcock was fair

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    Mike Babcock thanks Red Wings fans in full-page ad By Brian Manzullo, Detroit Free Press 12:09 a.m. EDT May 22, 2015 Mike Babcock may be on to a new team, but he clearly hasn't forgotten about his old one. The former Detroit Red Wings coach who won a Stanley Cup in 2008 and made the postseason in each of his 10 seasons in Detroit took out a full-page ad in Friday's Detroit Free Press to thank the team's fans. It says: "Detroit Red Wings fans, Thank you for an amazing 10 years! We'll never forget the support you've provided us and will always cherish the memories we've shared together in Hockeytown. - The Babcocks" The ad features a portrait of Babcock and a photo of him hoisting the Stanley Cup around his family. Babcock left the Red Wings this week to sign an 8-year, $50-million deal to coach the Toronto Maple Leafs. That leaves the Red Wings looking for a new coach for the first time since 2005 - though they may not have to search for long. Detroit Free Press LOADED: 05.22.2015

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    Nicklas Lidstrom co-authors scientific paper in Sweden By Steve Schrader, Detroit Free Press 4:25 p.m. EDT May 21, 2015 It sounds like a plot on "The Big Bang Theory." Two really smart science-type guys decided to study whether you can apply intelligence and learn to make up for physical limitations to excel in sports. So Swedish researchers Jan Lennartsson and Carl Lindberg went to the man who seemed to be the smartest hockey player on the planet, former Detroit Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom. Not that Lidstrom wasn't physically talented, but he always seemed to know what was going to happen before it did. And it turned out he agreed with their theories, that he learned how to analyze situations and put himself in the best position to succeed, often not going by the book. Lidstrom was so much help to the research, he was listed as a co-author on the paper that backed up the research, "Game Intelligence in Team Sports," published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. And to think that they called Igor Larionov "The Professor." But how can athletes from recreational on up apply their findings? Well, there's a formula for that, the kind those advanced-metrics guys can only dream about. For example, the paper talks about "the concept of potential. This idea is fundamental to our analysis, and it is applied in all game situations that we consider." Basically, the intelligent player analyzes the potential game situations and his or her reactions, and then acts accordingly. It's one of the simpler formulas in the paper, a building block, and looks something (but not exactly) like this: v = E [V(T)], A [O, T]. So you kids out there, keep that in mind the next time you're playing a game. Honestly, the paper is a tad tough to understand for us laymen. It wasn't in Swedish, but it might as well have been. There's also an explanation of it at Detroit Free Press LOADED: 05.22.2015

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    Top Wings prospect Dylan Larkin leaves U-M for pros By Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press 4:14 p.m. EDT May 21, 2015 Dylan Larkin is back from the world championships and onto the AHL playoffs. Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland told the Free Press today that Larkin, the blue-chip prospect from Waterford, is joining the Grand Rapids Griffins under an amateur tryout contract, forgoing his final three years at Michigan. An ATO allows Larkin to play for the Griffins now without burning any of the three years of the NHL entry-level contract he also agreed to today. The Griffins open the Western Conference final Sunday at Utica. "He's a guy we think will be able to produce points at the AHL level," Holland said. "He can skate, he can play left wing or center, kill penalties. He's good defensively." Todd Richards and Dan Bylsma, who coached Larkin as he helped Team USA win bronze last week at the world championships in Prague, "unanimously agreed that he's ready for the AHL," Holland said. "And that he's close to the NHL." Larkin is scheduled to join the Griffins on Friday for their bus ride to Utica, N.Y., and practice Saturday. "My year at Michigan has been the best year of my life, the most fun year of hockey I've ever had," Larkin said in a statement released by U-M. "Going to one of the best universities in the world and having fun with my classmates, it will be tough missing out on what they're going to accomplish. On the other note, I have a chance to live out the dream of my life and I'm really excited about it. I think it's a great opportunity. I really feel like I'm ready for this challenge." Larkin turns 19 at the end of July. The Wings selected Larkin 15th overall in the 2014 NHL entry draft. He has excelled everywhere he has been, including winning gold at the 2014 world under-18 championships. His outstanding first year at U-M (15 goals and 32 assists in 35 games) earned him Big Ten freshman-of-the-year honors and the invitation to be one of only two 18-year-olds to play for Team USA at worlds. (The other was Jack Eichel, expected to be the second overall pick in next month's NHL draft.) Now Larkin can gain the advantage of playing pro hockey with the likes of Teemu Pulkkinen, Tyler Bertuzzi and 2013 first-round pick Anthony Mantha -- and be coached by Jeff Blashill, who is the leading candidate to replace Mike Babcock in Detroit. The Wings made it clear to Larkin before he turned pro that he has to work his way to the Wings. "He knows there's no guarantee he'll be on the team," Holland said. "He knows he has to come to camp and make our roster or be sent to Grand Rapids." Detroit Free Press LOADED: 05.22.2015

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    Writer: Red Wings lose Babcock, still come out winners By Steve Schrader, Detroit Free Press 4:59 p.m. EDT May 21, 2015 They lost Mike Babcock, the man many call the top coach in hockey. But Greg Wyshynski of parsing the winners and losers in the whole deal still has the Detroit Red Wings as one of the winners in Babcock going to the Toronto Maple Leafs. And that's not anything against Babcock. Wyshynski writes: "The Wings reaffirm two important tenets of their franchise in seeing Babcock leave for bluer pastures. "First, that no man is above the Winged Wheel. Not Mike Babcock, not Scotty Bowman, not anyone. ... The Wings were great before he arrived. They'll be great after he's gone. "Second, that the Wings look best when they're the spurned, disrespected, chip-on-the-shoulder team, despite being an Original Six glamour franchise. Babcock leaving for the Leafs firmly establishes Detroit as the rejected underdog. They wear it well." Dylan Larkin to go pro, leave U-M Another of Wyshynski's winners is the heir-apparent in Detroit, Grand Rapids Griffins coach Jeff Blashill. "The 41-year-old AHL coach is expected to take over a playoff-worthy roster from Mike Babcock as the next Red Wings coach," Wyshynski writes. "His bargaining position couldn't be stronger, having been framed as the ace in the hole in case Babs left. Which he did." His other winners include Babcock's ego, if he does pull off a miracle in Toronto. But his legacy will be a loser if he doesn't. Detroit Free Press LOADED: 05.22.2015

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    Fedorov, others in alleged Ponzi scam awarded millions By Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press 7:04 p.m. EDT May 21, 2015 With the help of a federal appeals court, former Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov just checked his ex-financial manager a Grosse Pointe Shores man who allegedly swindled the hockey star out of $43 million. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled against that manager Joseph Zada concluding he has to pay $112 million for selling fake investments in Saudi Arabian oil to dozens of unsuspecting victims including Fedorov, a horse trainer, a plastic surgeon and several firefighters. The ruling comes six years after the Free Press first disclosed Fedorov's claims that Zada had embezzled millions from him during an 11-year period while pretending to be a wealthy businessman with ties to S