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  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    A rural development initiative taken by the students of

    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.


  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee



    o Develop the targeted village by evolving a demand driven initiative based model bysynergizing the efforts of multiple stakeholders, specifically, villagers, NGOs, Government,

    Industry and Academia in the field of rural development.

    o Sensitize students of IIT Roorkee with rural ethos and develop a sense of social responsibilityamongst them.

    o To be a Model Student Group for India, Source of inspiration for various institutions to workfor Rural Development.


    SIIRD stands for Students Initiative for Integrated Rural Development.

    This project was started in January 2006 when a group of B.Tech students of IIT Roorkee

    approached Prof. Vinay K Nangia (Chair Professor, Government of India Knowledge Economy

    Project, Head, Department of Management Studies, and Coordinator, Uttarakhand DevelopmentCell, IIT Roorkee) to work in the field of Rural Development. The project then evolved into

    Students Initiative for Integrated Rural Development.

    SIIRDs first step towards Rural Development was to identify a model village. Factors such as

    physical connectivity, terrain and availability of basic infrastructure, diversity in social make up of

    population representative of the culture of Uttarakhand, were borne in mind while exploring the

    villages for a location ideally suited for a functional model on the ground to show-case the best

    practices of public-private-partnership collaboration.

    The SIIRD team carried out baseline surveys of more than 15 villages in 3 districts of Uttarakhand

    and identified Charba, a village in Sahaspur District of Dehradun as the model village.

    Various demand driven initiatives have been taken up by the students for the betterment of the

    villagers and development of the Charba, a brief report of which is appended.

  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    1. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) awareness InitiativeObjective

    To create awareness about the use andbenefits of Information & Communication

    Technology and develop a healthy relation

    with the villagers.


    Meetings of villagers were convened and theuses and benefits of Information &

    Communication Technology were

    demonstrated. Door to Door demonstrations

    were also done.

    Practical hands-on exposure of computer andInternet was given to villagers The villagerswere also provided an opportunity to

    experience the use of computer and Internet.

    These demonstrations helped SIIRD team toidentify champions (villagers who were

    supportive and willing to help carry our

    initiatives forward).

    Large scale demonstration of ICT benefits

    Team members addressing large gathering

    Training session by SIIRD team member

    SIIRD Team members with champions


    The team identified 15-20 champions in the villagewho help the team during visits.

    About three-fourth of the village has been coveredby door to door demonstrations and the team has

    spread its presence in the village.

    Training of Trainers program: All the ComputerCentre trainers of Charba have undergone training

    imparted by IIT Roorkee students in 3 training


    Softwares like Microsoft office, basic flash, basicphotoshop, elementary C, Tally, etc. were taught to



  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    2. Entrepreneurship initiativeObjective:

    To find the suitable entrepreneurs in Charba

    village for running the Soochna Kutir

    (JANADHAR) to ensure awareness and usageof Information & Communication Technology

    in Charba.


    Janadhar is the e-Governance initiative of the

    government of Uttarakhand. It was started in

    March 2005. The initiative was taken up with

    funding from the UNDP and technical

    guidance by the Indian Institute of

    Technology, Roorkee (IIT).

    The main objective of the e-Governance

    inititiatve is to deliver information of public

    interest and services related to various

    government departments at the doorsteps of

    the citizens of Uttarakhand by setting up

    citizen-centric information kiosks (Soochna

    Kutirs) for e-Governance in the state.



    Suitable entrepreneurs were identified for runningthe Information Kiosks (Soochna Kutir) to ensure

    the awareness and usage of benefits of

    Information & Communication in Charba.

    8 Suchna Kutirs (Information Kiosks) were studiedin Naintal by 5 students.

    3 Soochna Kutir (Information Kiosks) were set upand inaugurated in Charba under the UNDP

    funded e-Governance project by Prof. H.K. Verma,

    Deputy Director, IIT Roorkee.

    Training of the personnel manning the SoochnaKutirs (Information Kiosk) was done in UNDP

    office, IIT Roorkee.

  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    3. Primary School ICT Education Initiative


    To provide basic computer education to the

    students of primary schools of village Charba

    and make this education system sustainable.


    Identifying Primary stakeholders (students,parents, teachers, team members) and

    obtaining their views on computer education

    Preparing course materials in Hindi forteaching in primary schools in consultation

    with the teachers in conformity to the private

    school course structure.

    Integration of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA)with SIIRD thereby ensuring sustained

    government support to the primary school ICT

    education initiative.

    SIIRD team member interacting with students

    Team member discussing course material with primary

    school teacher

    Team member helping a student

    Team members installing computers.


    16 Computers donated by Institute ComputerCentre, IIT Roorkee were initially installed in

    primary schools of Charba and were later

    transferred to the SSA, Dehradun office.

    15 Computers donated by INFOSYS installed in3 primary schools of Charba.

    Course structure (in Hindi and English)prepared.

    Details & database of all 4 Primary schools. ICT education imparted to students of primary

    schools by SIIRD team.

    Met Mrs. Geeta Nautiyal, District EducationOfficer, Dehradun District and obtained

    approval for integration of Sarva Shiksha

    Abhiyaan (SSA) with the primary school ICT

    education initiative

    About 10 Videos made which to serve as self-learning tool kit illustrating the usage of simple

    software like notepad, calculator, etc.

  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    4. Girls Education InitiativeObjective:

    To train the girls of Charba in ICT and make them

    champions so that they may in turn impart

    training to other villagers and thus make this

    education system sustainable.


    To train the girls from the village so that theycould further train the students in the village.

    The focus is on training the girls of age group12-15 years.

    SIIRD team & Charba girl teaching students

    SIIRD team member teaching girls of Charba


    Training given by IIT R girls- 14 Charba girls were trained in ICT at IIT

    Training given by combined efforts of IIT Rgirls and Charba:

    - 20 students were trained at house ofMr. Baljeet Singh (Champion) 15



    - 36 students were trained in PrimarySchool no. 3 on 16th May 2009. 5 new girls were trained from Charba by

    IITR girls from 8th

    to 10th

    August, 2009.

    5 girls were trained at Charba during themonth of January 2010.

    5. Agriculture Initiative


    To give improve the agriculture status by increasing the rate of production in agriculture using scientific

    tools and research.


    Integrate multiple stakeholders (like Krishi Vigyan Kendra, IFFCO etc.) in this initiative To focus on a specific group of about 12-15 farmers who would be champions in agricultural initiative. Expertise of Professors and students of Biotechnology department will play crucial role in this



    Basic survey of agricultural practices in the village Charba. Identified 5 potential farmers for the target group of this initiative.

  • 8/4/2019 Details of SIIRD, IIT Roorkee


    6. Employability InitiativeObjective:

    To improve the employability of the unemployed

    or under-employed people of the Charba village

    by skill development or getting their existing skillstested and certified.


    Creating a platform for villagers & industry toreduce the gap between them.

    Designing of training module & training thevillagers to impart necessary employment


    Recruitment of the trained villagers. Training session for villagers in Haridwar

    IIT Roorkee faculty member in training session


    In consideration of the industrialdemands, motivational training of 5

    villagers was done in Haridwar.

    Most of the trainees showed a positiveresult and were able to find better

    employment oppurtunities.

    7. Health InitiativeObjective:

    To improve the health status of village by the