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  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    Design Your

    DREAM Year

    A Simple Goal Setting Process ThatActuallyWorks

    by Tal Gur

  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    "If you don't know where you're going,

    any road will get you there."

    ~ Alice In Wonderland

    Copyright Tal Gur | !

  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur



    "e# $ear%s E&e' (nce again yo)%re a*o)t to make yo)r ann)al set o+ "e#

    $ear%s resol)tions' $o) ha&en%t achie&ed last year%s *)t %#hat the heck% yo)

    say to yo)rsel+ as yo)%re a*o)t to commit to another set o+ resol)tions in the

    name o+ tradition'

    I+ this so)nds +amiliar to yo), yo) are not alone' Most people think a*o)t

    their goals and dreams too cas)ally, e&ent)ally +orgetting a*o)t them *e+ore

    the end o+ -an)ary'

    $o) see, one o+ the reasons "e# $ear%s resol)tions +all thro)gh is that most

    people don%t take the time to make a #inning game plan +or achie&ing their

    dreams' In +act, people spend more time planning their *irthday party than

    designing their +)t)re'

    In order to achie&e *ig goals, yo) need more than #ish+)l thinking and

    sincere commitment to make it happen' $o) need a solid and pro&en process

    that #ill s)pport yo) along the #ay'

    The simple +o)r step process o)tlined in this #ork*ook is the res)lt

    o+ my li+elong passion to identi+y the most e++ecti&e program in attaining *ig


    In the last decade or so I ha&e achie&ed all my ma.or dreams )sing this

    process' I o*tained +inancial +reedom +rom e/cessi&e de*t in less than a year,

    I completed an Ironman Triathlon and kicked my smoking ha*it in 0

    Copyright Tal Gur | 1

  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    months' I *)ilt a ho)se +or a +amily in need #ith no *)ilding e/perience and

    no +)nds, and I tra&elled aro)nd the #orld #itho)t the need to e&er go *ack

    looking +or a .o*'

    "eedless to say, I am a *ig *elie&er in this process and the principles *ehind

    it' I coach others#ith these same principles' I e&en created my o#n goal

    tracking so+t#are*ased on these

    principles 2no# +reely a&aila*le

    online at GoalsSo+t#are'com3'

    So, i+ yo) are tr)ly serio)s a*o)t making yo)r dreams come tr)e and li&ing

    the li+e yo)4&e al#ays #anted, yo)4&e came to the right place' "o#, stand

    *ack, take stock and get into it'

    $o)r .o* is simple' Go thro)gh each step in this #ork*ook, ans#er the

    5)estions as *est as yo) can, and at the end o+ it yo)4ll ha&e a simple system

    to g)ide yo) thro)gh achie&ing yo)r *ig dream #ithin the ne/t t#el&e


    I am e/cited +or yo)' I really am' The #orld is a *etter place #hen people

    p)rs)e and li&e o)t their dreams'

    En.oy the .o)rney6

    Tal Gur 7 T#itter 7 8ace*ook

    Copyright Tal Gur | 9
  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    STEP ONE: Your !ig #$Year Dream

    :Dream no small dreams for theyha%e no &ower to mo%e the hearts of men:

    ; -ohann Wol+gang &on Goethe

    Do yo) remem*er ho# easy it #as to kno# e/actly #hat yo) #ant #hen yo)

    #ere yo)ng< =o# simple it #as to dream *ig and *elie&e #itho)t a do)*t

    that yo) can achie&e anything days straight and yo) ha&e a *ook' earn Spanish one ho)r a day each

    day +or a year and yo) are a Spanish speaker'

    The reality is that yo)r day to day ha*its #ill )ltimately determine #hether

    yo) end )p li&ing yo)r dream, so make s)re yo) practice yo)rs religio)sly'

    With this in mind, let%s get into it6

    Copyright Tal Gur | !!

  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur



    ';ook at the first goal on your list and identify key su&&orti%ehabitsthat

    will )e most useful in hel&ing you achie%ing your goal.

    0ere are some 7uestions that can hel& you identify these ha)its2

    $ hat/s one way to get more energyinto your life(

    $ hat is the unhealthiestha)it you ha%e(

    $ hen is your mostroductivetime of the day(

    $ hat is one thing you can do to make yourself effective(

    6. Think a)out which ha)its you would first like to ado&t and fill the left

    column in the ta)le )elow or

    5ote2 It/s usually )est to ado&t sim&le ha)its first as they are easier to

    install. You can always add com&leity later, )ut focus on ac7uiring the

    )asic ha)it first.

    Copyright Tal Gur | !1
  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    At the end of e%ery day, sim&ly gi%e yourself a check mark if you ke&t your

    ha)it and, at the end of the week, tally u& the num)er of check marks and

    see how you did.

    =ee&ing track of your &rogress e%ery day takes less than a minute, so gi%e it

    a try3

    Daily Habi!s:

    'abit (on Tue Wed Thu )ri *at *un Achieved

    Total+ OOOOOO

    Copyright Tal Gur | !9

  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    #IN$% WORDS

    $o) made it' $o) can no# pick a destination and plot a co)rse' =o#e&er,

    none o+ the in+ormation in this *ook really matters #itho)t yo) taking


    P)t yo)rsel+ in sit)ations #here yo) don%t ha&e a choice *)t to take a&!ion'

    Make yo)r dream p)*lic and share it #ith others' Make a *et #ith yo)r *est

    +riend' Make an appointment' @)y a one;#ay ticket'

    Whate&er yo) decide to do, make s)re a&!ion isyo)r only option'

    This is yo)r time to take a lead in yo)r o#n li+e and li&e it the #ay yo)4&e

    al#ays #anted' Take the 'irs! s!e('Make that a (riori!y' Then take

    anotherand *e+ore long yo) #ill *e right #here yo) #ant to *e'

    I hope yo) ha&e a +)l+illing .o)rney and a great year6

    Tal Gur

    9.1 $ To track your goals and make action your daily&riority, %isit$ It's one of the most the sim&lest, fastest, most effecti%e

    software to realie )ig goals

    Copyright Tal Gur | !>
  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    WOR)SHEET: Your !ase 9lan

    Copyright Tal Gur |

    *y Drea+ > its )enefits+


    ' Due Date2

    !' Due Date2

    1' Due Date2

    9' Due Date2

    >' Due Date?

    0' Due Date2

    B' Due Date2

    ' Due Date2

    ' Due Date2

    F' Due Date2


  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur


    WOR)SHEET: Your eekly 9lanner

    Copyright Tal Gur |

    *y Curren! Goal+

    To( Wee,ly $&!ions:

    ' !'

    1' 9'

    >' 0'

    B'' '

    ' F'

    Daily Habi!s:

    'abit (on Tue Wed Thu )ri *at *un Achieved

    Total+ OOOOOO


  • 8/13/2019 DesignYourDreamYear Tal Gur



    I #o)ld like to ackno#ledge some o+ the a)thors #ho ha&e inspired me

    thro)gho)t the years' It is thro)gh their #isdom and +oresight that m)ch o+

    this #ork*ook co)ld come to li+e'; Da&id Allen ; Getting Things Done

    ; Ste&en Co&ey ; ? ha)its of highly effecti%e &eo&le

    $ ig iglar$ Goals

    $ Ste&e Pa&lina$9ersonal De%elo&ment for 1mart 9eo&le

    And +inally to yle, my *elo&ed partner, #ho has *een gi&ing me her )tmost

    patience thro)gho)t the process' Witho)t her gentle enco)ragements 2and

    great proo+reading3 I might not ha&e taken the time to +inish this'

    Copyright Tal Gur | !