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  • Designing Multilingual ExperiencesJonathan Steingiesser

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  • UX Tools


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  • Sign-up and stay informed of upcoming UX UAE events.

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  • What is UX ? a mindset

    focused on delivering


    inspires the right kinds of ideas

    guides decisions


    User experience is the overall eect created by the interactions and perceptions that someone has when using a product or service.

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    Why should we design a multilingual experience?

  • Why should we design a multilingual experience?

    Reach the target audience in their language

    Reach a wider audience

    Expand to new markets

    Improve usability

    Search engine optimization

    Government regulations

    Company policy15@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • Things to consider when building multilingual sites

    Who is the target audience?

    How many languages do you need to support?

    Does the user interface need to be fully translated?

    Do you have content in all the languages? Is all the content translated?

    What happens to content that has not been translated?

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  • Without Research its not UX

    Research is a toola periscope offering you a better view of your surroundings.

    Once you start getting answers, youll keep asking more questions. And that skeptical mind-set is more valuable than any specific methodology.

    The better you know the current state of things and why theyre like that, the better you will be positioned to innovate

    17@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • Without Research its not UX

    Your desire to find out needs should be stronger than your desire to predict. Otherwise youll be a mess of confirmation bias, looking for answers that confirm what you already assume.

    Unless this knowledge comes from recent inquiry specific to your current goals, a fresh look will be helpful. Familiarity breeds assumptions and blind spots.

    Research needs to be integrated into process and workflow or it will get shoved in a corner.

    18@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • Reasons people give to forgo Research

    We dont have the time

    We dont have the money

    We dont have the expertise

    Were already doing A/B testing

    Everyone wants better products, faster

    No one wants to read a report

    19@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

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    Form Questions

    Gather Data

    Analyse Data

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    Form Questions


    Analyse Data





  • Plan and prepare for the researchIn the beginning, dont worry about getting everything right. If you dont know, go with your best guess. Since research is about seeking out new information, youre going to encounter new situations and unpredictable circumstances. Make friends with the unexpected. And prepare to change the plan youve made to adapt once you have facts.

    @stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

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  • Good Questions Specific Actionable Practical

    25@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • A Bad Question What do people think about pets?

    26@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • A Better Question How do single urban adults choose and acquire a pet?

    27@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • The Best Question The unknown with the most risk

    28@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • How to do bad user research: Ask people what they want


  • How to do bad user research: Ask people what they like


  • Never ask people what they want or like


  • No matter how much research you do, there will still be things you wish youd known, and there are some things you can only learn once your design is out

    there in the world.

    Design is an iterative process.

    @stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • This is not a solo adventure everyone should be involved in research at a deep level


  • Designing NYUAD in Arabic


  • Business Needs

    Stakeholder interviews with internal departments - admissions, campus life, academic registrar, athletics etc.

    35@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

  • User Needs

    Research into existing Customer service!

    One-on-One Interviewing current students, current staff, prospective students, prospective parents, school counsellors, professors and experts in Arabic etc.

    Persona Development

    User Journeys / Experience Maps

    Card sorting in Arabic

    Usability Testing36@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

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  • Card sorting in Arabic

    Sourcing a translation service

    Translating and testing the card sorting experience

    Conducting card sorting


    Proposed recommendation

    39@stemaco @uxAbuDhabi @ux_UAE

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  • Sample of translated words for the IA


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  • Acknowledgements


    Just Enough Research Design is a Job

    The UX Team of One

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