Designing Engaging Presentations

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In this 2-hour workshop at the International Medical University (2 July, 2014), you will learn how to design engaging presentations for e-learning and flipped classroom sessions based on good instructional design practices. In the process, you will explore PowerPoint, Gagne’s 9 Events of instruction and other tools to engage students to learn. The presentation slides were co-created by Zaid Alsagoff and Fareeza Marican. Check out Fareeza's alternative version here:

Transcript of Designing Engaging Presentations

  • Zaid Alsagoff & Fareeza Marican
  • What ANNOYS About PowerPoint Presentations? Results of the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint survey: The speaker read the slides to us 72.0% Text so small I couldnt read it 50.6% Full sentences instead of bullet points 48.4% Overly complex diagrams 30.8% Poor color choice 25.8% No clear purpose 22.1% No flow of ideas 21.0%
  • Information Overload is Still a Big Problem! Results of the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint survey: Dave Paradi
  • 3 Essentials to Create effective PowerPoint presentations the audience will understand: Dave Paradi PLEASE IGNORE the rest of the upcoming presentation if you practice the above! Effective PowerPoint Presentations! Effective VisualsFocused ContentClear Message
  • TopicTodays Menu Instructional Design Flipped Classroom eLearning Content Gagnes 9 Events of Instruction PowerPoint
  • Instructional Design (ID) A
  • Instructional designInstructional Design (ID) is about helping the learners MAKE SENSE of the information!
  • A logical flow of content and learning activities with strategies to enhance the students understanding and learning experiences. FOCUS on the right thing! ID
  • Gagnes 9 Events of Instruction B
  • Gain Attention Inform Learning Outcomes Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning Present New Content Provide Guidance Provide Learning Activities Assess Learning Provide Feedback Enhance Retention and Transfer This will help you Last class we learned how to Allow me to demonstrate Now you try it Try it like this Lets test your skills now Lets do it in the field Gagnes 9 Events of Instruction
  • GainAttention Ahh! Question Story FactDefinition Quote Analogy Humor Personal experience Demonstration 1 Vide Clip
  • Video: Gain Attention! What are you THINKING about? Example: Improve your English!
  • InformLearningOutcomes At the end of this topic, you will be able to: Clarify what students need to learn in the form of Learning Outcomes (LO). Write LO that form the basis of the assessment. Construct LO using measurable action verbs. Present LO in at least 2 creative ways. WHATEVER! 2
  • Creative Ways? Visualise and then voice out your Learning Outcomes! Action Verbs3 1 Write 2 Assessment-Based 4 Creative Ways
  • Creative Ways? How to write Learning Outcomes (LO)? How to make LO assessment-based? How to use action verbs to construct measurable LO? How to present LO in at least 2 creative ways? Write learning outcomes in the form of questions!
  •[email protected]/ Use Measureable Action Verbs!
  •[email protected]/ Use Measureable Action Verbs!
  • RecallPriorKnowledge Associating new information with prior knowledge can facilitate the learning process. 3
  • PresentNewContent Selective Perception - Chunk and organize content meaningfully. 4
  • Chunk It helps you present information in a way that makes it EASIER for your audience/learners to UNDERSTAND and REMEMBER. WHY? Chunk? CHOP IT!
  • 1 2 3
  • PowerPoint B1
  • Preparing Slides Use Slide Master to change the overall design and layout of the presentation. Why & how to create a slide master? 2 1
  • Contrast Background & Text Colors Use contrasting background and text colors for improved readability. Contrast Contrast
  • Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Can you read this? Bad Contrast Vs. Good Contrast
  • Use sans-serif font and use the same font through out the course. Increase Readability Example: Verdana Impact Arial Calibri Font Type
  • Finally, Avoid Busy Templates! Avoid distracting, busy templates! Avoid distracting, busy templates! Audience will tend to focus on background picture, rather than what you are saying
  • Use SmartArt Graphic (in PowerPoint) where applicable! Convert text to table form, and add related images. Use SmartArt
  • eLearning Content B2
  • Video Record Lectures Take 37! Develop i-Lectures Record Online Classes Possibilities? *i-Lecture: Interactive Lecture
  • Build e-Learning Content Rapidly Chunked Juicily (1 - 10 min) for Mobile Learning! Co-Create content with students?
  • Reuse/Remix OER & Repurpose MOOCs... dScribe: For e-Learning Content! *OER: Open Educational Resources
  • Facilitate/Record Online Classes IMU Webinar Series (example): .Using Various Web 2.0 Tools!
  • SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY into engaging learning experiences (Re)Using: Open Educational Resources Rapid e-Learning Tools Social Media
  • ProvideLearningGuidance Semantic Encoding - Examples, case studies, stories, graphical representations, mnemonics, mind maps, acronyms, and analogies. 5
  • Mnemonics SODA: Mnemonics: Mnemonics are learning memory techniques that help learners recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, phases, etc.
  • Mind Maps Mind Map Guidelines: Mind Maps in Medicine: Mind maps help learners comprehend, see the big picture, create new ideas, and build connections. iMindMap: Mind Mapping Tools:
  • Infuse Creativity & STORIFY Learning! BULLETS stick for exams, STORIES stick for life. Zaid Ali Alsagoff!
  • Activities&Feedback7 6 ?
  • Video Project Simulation Field Trips Articulate Reasoning Guest Speaker Problem Solving LEARNING ACTIVITIES Discussion Debates Panel of Experts Lab Experiments Peer Review Group Work Role Play Interviews Scaffolding Drill & Practice Drawing/Art /Sculpture Ice Breakers Online Teaching Activity Index: Think-Pair- Share One-Minute Paper Entrance/ Exit Tickets Concept Mapping ReportsQuiz Portfolios
  • Flipped Classroom B3
  • Source:
  • Use Interactive Web Tools to Spice Up Face-to-Face (F2F) Learning!
  • Assessment8 Millers Pyramid:
  • Use a Variety of Methods to Assess More Learning AnalyticsPeer-Assessment E-PortfolioRubrics AUTHENTIC Learning & Empower PERSONALIZED Learning!
  • EnhanceRetention&Transfer Summarize/Conclude Provide additional resources Links (URL) to: Online Discussion Assignment/Project Quizzes Simulation/Games Etc. 9
  • Gagnes 9 Event of Instructions Presentation Events of Instruction Learning Activities Introduction 1. Gain attention Present a dilemma, analogy, video 2. Inform learning outcomes List clear learning outcomes creatively 3. Stimulate recall prior knowledge Explain how prior knowledge relates to new topic Initiate discussion Pre-tests Content 4. Present new content Explanation, example, simulation 5. Provide guidance Guidelines, checklists, mnemonics, group discussion Assessment 6. Provide learning activities 7. Provide feedback 8. Assess learning Check your understanding Self/Peer/Facilitator Assessment Practical, e-Portfolio, quiz Summary 9. Enhance retention and transfer Summarize/Conclude the topic Provide additional resources
  • Additional Resources 1. How to Create Effective PowerPoint Lectures 2. Instructional Design Tips & Tricks 3. 5 Ways Your E-learning Courses Can Create Understanding 4. How to Make Your E-Learning Course Meaningful Text or Graphic Links!
  • Simplified Design Model? C
  • Designing Engaging Presentations Simplified! Great Design Engaging Flow Lively Voice Learning Activities ContentAssessment Learning Outcomes
  • Fareeza Marican Abu Backer Maricar Senior Learning Designer eMail : [email protected] SlideShare : Twitter : LinkedIn : Fareeza Marican
  • Have a ZaidLearn! Finally, You Might Want To
  • Zaid Ali Alsagoff E-Learning Manager E-mail : [email protected] Blog : Slides : Twitter: IMU : DID : +603-2731 7327 Ext. : 3115