Designed to SELL! to Sell.pdf Home Staging is NOT decorating, fluffing, interior design. Instead,...

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Transcript of Designed to SELL! to Sell.pdf Home Staging is NOT decorating, fluffing, interior design. Instead,...

  • Designed to SELL!



    Refreshments courtesy of

    Cathy Edwards

    Senior Loan Officer


  • Michelle MacDonald,

    A.I.F.L. Interior Design

    Grand Entry Home Staging by Envisage Interiors

    Interior Designer since 1984

  • Wendy Geise, M. Ed ASP® IAHSP

  • Goals for today’s


     How proper Staging helps your listing appeal to a

    wide range of Buyers

     Specific tips and techniques to assist your clients

     Tools for your Realtor® tool kit

     Hands-on practice

     Answer your burning questions and concerns

    regarding Staging!

  • Activity: Write down your most burning questions about

    Staging on the sticky note and place it in the

    designated spot on the wall. We will answer your


  • Question…

    Who has a definition of Staging

    they would like to share?

  • Definition of Staging

    Home Staging is professionally preparing a house for

    sale, so that it will appeal to the most buyers and

    generate the highest price, in the least amount of

    time on market. Staged Homes traditionally

    present themselves better than the competition

    by being clean, clutter-free, and ready to show to

    prospective buyers.

    Home Staging is NOT decorating, fluffing, interior

    design. Instead, Home Staging is detailing, de-

    cluttering, depersonalizing and preparing a seller's

    home to give it a "model home" appearance so that the potential buyer can "see“ themselves

    living in the home.

  • Staging should evoke…

     Mood

     Feelings

     Emotions


     The Golden Rule!

     Keeping the needs of both Seller and Buyer in


     Practice in a responsible, honest, equitable, and

    trustworthy manner; Never misleading or deceptive

  • Safety  Knives and weapons stored out of sight

     No children’s names visible

     FUD

    Enlist the help of




  • Home vs. House


     Where you live

    and relax

     Reflects your

    personal style and


     A private space or



     A product

    marketed to the


     Should appeal to

    a wide range of


     Offers neutral


  • Top 10 Challenges We See in Homes…

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever


    10. Evidence of pets

    9. Your family…not mine! (family photos, religious art,


    8. Lacks cleanliness

    7. Unpleasant odors

    6. Worn out accessories and furniture

    5. Overgrown landscape

    4. Poor lighting

    3.”Skittles” rooms

    2. Not quite vintage

  • And for number 1…


    That’s why working with a knowledgeable realtor® or

    Staging professional is important! We are a fresh set

    of trained eyes for a property! We know what Buyers

    are looking for!

  • “Buyers Only Know What

    They See...

    Not the Way it’s

    Going to Be!” — Barb Schwarz

    Creator of Staged Homes®

  • Here are a few photos I just

    pulled from TMLS the other


    To whom is this house being marketed?

  • Just a few more… What is this

    room/house saying

    to buyers?

    Focal point of this


  • Proper Staging would help

    this house sell! Research

    indicates:  Staged homes SELL FASTER

     Bring TOP DOLLAR!

    Staging is not expensive! Instead of

    spending money on Staging think of it this


    “A minimal, upfront investment in Staging

    costs less than your first price reduction!”

  • Recently Staged in Raleigh


    Have you

    ever seen


    A LOT of stuff

    in a SMALL


  • Recently Staged in Raleigh


    • Rugs


    • Furniture


    • Living




  • Just a few stats…

  • Activity

    Let’s put your prior knowledge into action!

    Stage it!

    Framing activity

  • The Ideal

    Life Cycle of a Listing

     6-12 months out-begin purging/sorting, seed

    lawn, replace dead plants/bushes, gutter

    maintenance, pressure wash and paint exterior as

    weather permits, repairs and removal of popcorn


     3-6 months-pack up seasonal clothing, HVAC

    serviced and cleaned

     1-2 months-professional cleaning, window

    washing, interior paint

     At any point along the process-contact home Staging professional

  • Now let’s get specific about

    getting a house ready for


  • The Nuts & Bolts of Preparing

    a House for Listing

  • First Impressions/Curb


     Fresh paint on front door and house if needed

     Up to date hardware

     Potted plants

     Enlist the help of a professional arborist if needed

     Clean walkways and paths

     Manicured lawn and plants

     Porch furniture if applicable i.e. pair of white

    rocking chairs

  • Organizing and Purging

    Collect and label five sturdy boxes:

    1. “I LOVE it!”

    2. “Puzzled but can’t toss it”

    3. “Pack and store for new home”

    4. “Donate”

    5. “Trash” or use a garbage bag

  • Items Clients Need to

    Pack Away…

     Valuables and breakable items

     Personal photos, artifacts, awards, trophies, etc.

     Religious artifacts (crosses, menorahs, shrines, etc.)

     Collections-3 or more of anything makes it a

    collection (Teddy Bears, Dolls, etc)

     Heavily perfumed items (incense, plug-ins, etc)

  • Shredding Sensitive


     Marrins Mooving Service (shreds every Tuesday)

     Shimar Recycling

  • Pristine Clean!

    Buyers will be turned off if a house is not clean! Don’t

    be afraid to tell your Sellers that you recommend a

    professional cleaning to all your clients.

    Bathrooms and kitchens should shine! There should

    be no evidence of mold-replace caulk if necessary.

    Have grout cleaned if necessary (Stanley Steemer

    offers this service at a very reasonable rate). Cloudy

    shower doors need to shine!

    All Neat and Pretty!!

  • Surfaces & Finishes

    (Allowances are so passe!)

     Flooring-carpet, wood, tile

     Ceiling-Paint, popcorn

     Countertops-granite, epoxy paints

     Wallpaper!

  • Repairs

    Now is the time to fix everything on that list! Explain

    to Sellers that they will have to do it at inspection

    time anyway so it’s better to promote the house the

    best way possible early on to bring those offers!

     Windows should open and close easily

     Screens labeled, cleaned, and stored

     Appliances should be in good working order or


     Check for cracks in walls, tiles, etc.

     Basically anything on that “Honey Do

    List” needs to be done BEFORE listing!

  • Lighting  General-conveys with property

     Task-defines function of area

     Ambiance-sets the mood

     Natural light (think of Winter showings vs. Summer)

  • Paint

    If your interior or exterior paint shows wear or is taste

    specific in color, now is the time to paint! Light, bright,

    and airy helps bring offers. Dark colors should be

    avoided, and can often make a room appear smaller

    than it actually is!

    We have some favorites, we’d love to share with you!

    Pale, warm grays or greige are popular and neutral!

    Wendy’s favorites: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray,

    Accessible Beige or Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, or

    Edgecombe Gray

    Michelle’s favorites: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige,

    Agreeable Gray, Balanced Beige, Classical White,

    Relaxed Khaki or Behr Smooth Stone, Benjamin Moore

    Classic Gray or Ralph Lauren Squire

  • Must-Have Accessories  Entryway large flower pots

     Wall mirror

     Large bowl

     Tray

     Books

     Vase-medium to large

     Throw

     Pillows

     New towels

     Large soaps

     Greenery

     Blackboard with local events and school activities, community info

    Accessories can help define the function of a space. The Bowling Ball Rule!