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Slides from my presentation at Front-End Design Conference, 2014

Transcript of Design Pattern Craftsmanship

  • DESIGN PATTERN CRAFTSMANSHIPJason Beaird - @jasongraphix - July 12th, 2014
  • Image CC by Nic McPhee -
  • 1620-1830 Post & Beam Framing 1830-1930 Balloon Framing 1930-Now Platform Framing
  • 1620-1830 Post & Beam Framing 1830-1930 Balloon Framing 1930-Now Platform Framing The traditional building paradigm is to gather all the parts of a building on site and then assemble them piece by piece. Refabricating Architecture
  • Master Craftsman Illustration Source: Andr Jacob Roubo, L'Art du Menuisier Paris, 1769-74
  • DIFFERENT STROKES... Traditional Style Guide Editorial Guidelines Boilerplate or Bootstrap Pattern Library Page Templates or Theme
  • A DESIGN PATTERN LIBRARY? Specific to a Project or Application LEGO-Like Sets of Markup & Style For Elements Used 3 or More Times Should Be Adaptable & Extendable Serves as a Testbed & Style Guide
  • CSS ARCHITECTURE // Core mcvariables mcmixins dijit/.../variables reset extend // Global reset typography grid freddicons forms // Components media-list feedback forms misc sprites tables subscriber-table hover-list dotted-list stat-block buttons widgets // Pages login account main-search autoresponders lists campaigns dashboard-styles chatter wizard reports neapolitan le-manager // Shared Items nav localnav header // Sigh IE @media print { print } theone.less
  • A good craftsperson builds their own tools. - Dan Cedarholm
  • Illustration Source: Carpentry for Boys by J. S. Zerbe, 3/72007 - Love + Patterns + Tools Jason Beaird @jasongraphix