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    Sadique Ali.V.K


    MG University

    Submitted to,

    Ast.Prof. Abin. K.I

  • Introduction

    India is not only a culturally diverse country, but

    geographically as well

    From the tallest mountain ranges in to sandy shores

    Each state has different and unique tourism products

    A desert is an area with little no vegetation& water is


    India is home to both hot and cold desert

    Desert are formed over thousand of years due to the

    scarcity of water or difficult climatic conditions but nature


  • What is Desert

    Desert is an arid region

    characterized by extremely high or

    low temperature and has scares of


    The sandy Rajasthan Desert,

    High altitude desert,

    White salt Desert


  • Geography

    Lies towards the western margins of Aravali Hills.

    Spread over the state of Rajasthan and southern portion

    of Gujarat , Haryana and Punjab.

    The great desert extends from the edge of the Rann of

    Kutch beyond the Luni rever northward. And Little

    extends from the Luni rever b/w Jaisalmer & Jodhpur

    Desert Region

    The Great Desert

    The Little Desert

  • Climate.

    It has arid climate with low vegetation cover

    Desert is an undulating sandy plain covered with sand dunes. Desert region receives very

    low rain fall below 150mm per year all falling between July and September

    The climate is harsh with temperatures ranging form near freezing up to 50C

    Streams appear during rainy season


  • The Indian Desert is mainly inhabited by Hindus , Muslims , and Sikhs .

    A colourful culture rich in tradition prevails in the desert.

    The people have a great passion formusic and poetry.

    The main occupation of the people in desert is agriculture and animal

    husbandry . The living standard of the people in the desert is low.

    Desert Facts..

    Camels play a very ipm roll in the desert life as well as the desert


  • Biodiversity

    Desert is an home to many endemic sp

    Great Indian Bustard


    Indian wild Ass

    The Desert National Park,

    Jaisalmer (3162km )Eg for ecosystem

    The golden fox





    Numerous sp of Reptile, Desert

    Scorpions, Mongoose.etc


    Khejri (Prosopis cineraria Tree)

    The Herbaceous plants (Sewan and Dhaman


    Acacia nilotica

    Prosopis juliflora



    These plants have very well adapt

    themselves to high temperature or to low

    temperature of desert

  • Chinkara



    Great Indian Bustard

  • National Parks and Wildlife

    Sanctuaries There are 11 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries

    located at the Thar desert area.

    The largest among them are Narayan sarovar

    desert Wildlife sanctuary and The Rann of Kutch

    Desert national park

    Tal Chhapar sanctuary

    The Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Important desert destinations in India

    Thar Desert

    Jaisalmer Desert

    Kutch Desert

    Jodhpur Desert





    Mount Abu






    Sawai Madhopur


  • Thar Desert

    Also known as the Great Indian Desert, the

    Thar Desert extends into two states of

    north west India (Rajasthan and Gujarat)

    and in the eastern region of the

    neighboring country, Pakistan. About 85%

    in India

    The desert is bordered by Indus and Sutlej

    river in the west and the Aravalli ranges in

    the east.

    Location :, Rajasthan, Gujarat

    Area : 446,000 square kilometers

    Average annual rainfall : 100 to 500 mm

    It is the worlds 17th

    largest desert,

    And worlds 9th largest sub tropical


  • About 40% of the total population of Rajasthan state

    live in the Thar desert region.

    Great Indian Desert is one of the most heavily

    populated desert areas in the world.

    The mean maximum and minimum temperature of

    Thar desert is 41C during summer and 7C in winter

  • Jodhpur Desert

    Desert of Jodhpur is also known as the Sun City. Desert of Jodhpur is set at the edge of Thar Desert in Rajasthan.

    Major Attractions

    The major attractions of Desert of Jodhpur

    are Mehrangarh Fort,

    Umaid Bhavan

    Palace and Jaswant Thada.

  • Jodhpur Desert festival expresses culture and traditions of Rajasthan. The most famous Jodhpur Desert festival is Marwar Festival

    Jodhpur Desert Festival also includes Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival

    and Nagaur Fair. The Jodhpur Desert Festival serves as a platform to perform local customs that have been there since

    times immemorial.


  • Jaisalmer is known as the jewel of desert and

    famous for its amazing fort , Camel safari,

    Golden sand dunes, and colorful culture

    Staying overnight in tents and mud huts,

    and enjoying various amusing activities

    are full of happy.


    sunrise and sunset at Jaisalmer's Sam

    sand dunes form the best excursion

    which one can have in desert


  • Jaisalmer Attractions

    Lalgarh Palace

    Patwon Ki Haveli

    Desert National Park

    Jaisalmer Fort

    Jain heritage of Jaisalmer



    Kutch desert is situated in the Kutch district,Gujarat.

    It was declared a sanctuary in February 1986. Narayan sarovar

    wild life sanctuary

    It is a seasonal salt marsh

    Is reputed to be one of the largest salt desert in the world

    (white Desert)

    The sanctuary supports wide variety of water birds and mammalian


  • Attractions.

    Kutch bustard sanctuary

    Narayan sarovar sanctuary

  • Hot and cold desert

    A Hot and Dry Desert is, as you can

    tell from the name, hot and dry. Most

    Hot and Dry Deserts don't have very

    many plants. They do have some low

    down plants though. A cold desert is a desert that has snow

    in the winter instead of just dropping a

    few degrees in temperature like they

    would in a Hot and Dry Desert. It never

    gets warm enough for plants to grow.

    Just maybe a few grasses and mosses.

  • The cold deserts of India include

    Ladakh (J&K); Lahaul, Spiti,

    Kinnaur and Bharmour (H.P.);

    pockets of Northern Uttaragarh; and


  • Activities@Desert

    Camel Safari

  • Activities@Desert

    Sand Dune Camping Staying in Tents in Desert Dunes

  • Activities@Desert

    Air Ballooning

  • Activities@Desert

    Jeep Safari

  • Activities@Desert

    Sand Bashing on Sand DunesDriving in sand

  • Conclusion

    The desert tourism is one of the most

    emerging tourism concept in india. Both cold and

    hot desert destinations in india. Siachin area is one

    of the best example of cold desert. Rajasthan Thar

    desert is most famous desert region in India. Some

    of the most popular festivals and fairs like Kutch

    utsav, Pushkar fair are attract lots of domestic and

    foreign tourist in every year. The camel safari and

    camping etc, are the other attraction of desert


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  • Sadique