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Third grader's use detailed writing to describe a character's feelings.

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  • 1. Glorias mouth droppedopen. Her eyes were asbig as apples. Hereyebrows raised up likean elevator. She gaspedand her body got as stiffas a Carly

2. by BraedonJacks face was as red as a tomato. Helooked like he was about to explode.His face was wrinkled up and he wasmaking a growling sound. 3. Tasha had sweat trickling down her neck. She feltlike she was in the sizzling desert. Her face andbody turned completely the color of flame. Shewas numb everywhere and could barely move. By Hanna 4. Max clutched his armsaround his body. Heshook like a furless catfrozen in a box of ice.His teeth chattered. Hetwitched and bit his lip,grasping his flimsy by Taylorsweater. 5. Sammy had tears comingdown his face. Hisglasses were fogged upand he was rubbing hiseyes. His smile wasturned upside down andhe was sobbing. Hisby Joseph shoulders were slumpedover. 6. Lisa jumped up in the air. She clapped herhands and whooped. Her smile was never-ending. She twirled in circles and wavedher hands about. By Maura 7. by BryanI was drooped down with my head saggingtoward the ground. I began chuggingwater. My face was beet red with sweatdripping down my face. 8. Mr. Salsichs eyesdrooped and his headdropped like a deadfly. It looked like hefainted. He moaned,yawned, and then hebegan snoring! by Brian 9. I was stomping my feet. I felt like myhead was on fire. My hands wereclenched and a low growl came frommy Chase 10. I was panting like crazy and trying to catch my breath. My face was as red as a ripe strawberry. Sweat trickled downby Chris my neck. 11. by CreightonI was clenching my hand so hard that myhand almost exploded. I stomped my feetso rapidly that I almost fell through thefloor. My face was as red as the inside of awatermelon. 12. George shivered andhis teeth chattered. Hisface felt like it wasfreezing into ice. Hislips turned blue. All Icould hear was the by Dylanchattering of his teeth. 13. My eyes got wateryand then my nosestarted sniffling. Mymouth began toquiver and then tearsbegan to roll down myBy Jackie cheeks. I ran up to myroom. 14. by JenniferI was sweating and breathing heavily. I feltlike I was going to collapse. My hair wassticking to my face. My back was bent over.I felt like I was in an oven! 15. I was bursting out withlaughter and my smile wentfrom ear to ear! My rosyred cheeks were glowingand my face lit up like thesun. My eyes were as big asmarbles. My face was likeall different colored by Sophiafireworks. 16. Franks hands were tremblinguncontrollably. His eyes were as wideas saucers. He cowered Joey 17. My face got as red asa tomato. My handswere in fists. Smokecame out of my earsand my hair stoodby Nate straight up. 18. by KaylaMr. Salsich fell onto his desk with bagsunder his eyes. Suddenly there was a loudyawn coming from his desk. Everyoneturned around to see Mr. Salsich snoring athis desk! Honk Shoo. Honk Shoo. 19. Gregs tongue was hanging right out of hismouth. His skin was sizzling. Drips of waterwere rolling down his neck. He could barelywalk and he panted, Huff, huff, huff! by Anthony 20. My hands were squeezed close together. Thenmy face turned red and my eyebrows scrunchedup. I stomped my feet and ran around like crazy.It felt like steam was coming out of my ears.By Shea 21. Mr. Salsich cameinto class late, andhis eyes slowlyclosed. And then,Crash! he fell righton the floor zonked out!by Luke