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  • 8/9/2019 Derelict Delvers July


    What is Derelict Delvers?In an alternate universe, one just next door our own; ScienceFiction and miniature war games created a strange alchemy in theearly 70's. Together a pair of creators fashioned a game of theimagination that centered around an old and vast universe whereheroic men and women born of a myriad of alien races soughtwealth and glory in the remnants of past civilizations.

    Here is the 4 th edition of that game. Derelict Delvers Delta.A momentary what if? In the world of gaming. Old-School stylerules with vague familiarity and Sci-Fi specific spin.


    The galaxy has witnessed ages virtually unfathomable to themortal minds that have shaped it. Before this mute witness,numerous civilizations have grown and spread their wings acrossthe spiraling splendor that it holds.

    As all things must these great empires collapsed inward and fellto barbarism and savagery.

    In time, they lost recollection of their ancient grandeur.

    Now, a new civilization has sprung forth eager and curious. Acivilization willing to brave the decrepit derelicts, lost laboratories,forgotten remnants of ages past to recover ancient alien artifactsand data left long dormant.

    You are one of these delvers. Destined to glory or death andpursuing both with mad abandon.


    The Artifact Recovery Control and Historical Investigation VentureEnterprise licenses you to to enter ancient archaeological sites, andkill the deadly denizens within, and take those denizens stuff. TheARCHIVE is part of the foundation upon which stable galacticcivilization and law is built.

    Welcome Delvers,


    Derelict Delvers DeltaEdition

    We've come a long way inthe nearly thirty years since thepublication of the little bluebooks, Derelict DelversAlpha [aka DDA ]

    The journey through thehazards of superluminal spacetravel has nothing on theperilous perfidy of thepublishing world.

    Yet fear not we've valorouslyfaced the traverse andexcelled in spite of thedangers.

    This edition is the product of laboriously applying the craft of our collective neural networksand your positive [andsometimes negative] feedbackthrough Delver Magazine.

    We'd like thank the manydutiful Delvers who stuck withus all this time as well as newDelvers taking their firstintrepid steps into the excitingworld of role-playing.

    Derelict Delvers Delta?

    Derelict Delvers Delta is the4 th Edition of the wildly popular role-playing games. You holdthat very book in your handseven now a wondrous eventworthy of jollification.

  • 8/9/2019 Derelict Delvers July


    Archive is a corporation founded on exploiting the vastresources of the past it is also a part of what keeps the galacticeconomy stable, on new resources being developed and on thefurther exploration of space.

    The ARCHIVE also has a significant stake in preventingcivilization destroying artifacts from being activated, used or beingduplicated, even for war. They prefer to keep such devices as far from planetary governments as possible.

    Creating a Character

    STEP 1: Choose an Alien Race.

    A character is the person you take on and pretend to be whileplaying a game of Derelict Delvers. These should bepersons you create using these rules who go on adventures toexplore strange new worlds.

    The first step is to choose your character's race. Since there area plethora of alien species within the known galactic expanse, withenough biological similarities to be categorized together we'vegrouped "similar" races together under their primary physicalphenotype.

    Humanoids Humanoids are fairly standard, and generally considered themost widespread of race types with the fewest major variations.

    Some humanoids have different shaped ears, eyes, or differingnumber of digits but are otherwise quite similar to each other andto the familiar variation we call human. Humanoids vary in sizealthough most range between 5' to 6' 6, some remarkablehumanoids however may be larger or smaller than this standard. .

    Humanoids are flexible in their choice of professions. They have nostand out predilections towards any of the job classes presentedhere.Jerun Starhunter was a notable humanoid scout who discoveredthe Cloud People of Henruar 14. He disappeared after a massivederelict craft passed through that same system. . The infamouspirate Sen ze Zenshuan was a humanoid of incomparable talents,rumors were she left a massive treasure hidden somewhere in theNightmare Nebula

    Humanoids receive a +1 to Con, +1 Charisma

    What you need to play.


    Preferably 4-6 but you canplay with as few as 2 people at thetable. One as DM and one as aplayer.

    Imagination !

    A good imagination is strictlyrequired.

    Pencils and Paper! You may possess a wonderfuleidetic memory, but for many of uskeeping track of character information, maps and similar datarequire a recording device of some sort.

    Paper and Pencils are a veryinexpensive option.

    Dice! A comm on set of varied

    polyhedral dice are needed. Theyshould be available online or anydecent gaming hobby shops.

  • 8/9/2019 Derelict Delvers July


    Humanoid Features VariationA player may choose one of these options for their character with

    DM Approval instead of rolling.

    Table: 1.A

    Roll Feature

    01-30 Strange Appearance Roll on table 1.B

    31-40 Strange Sensory Organs. Roll on

    Table 1.C41-70 Alternate Environmental Adaptations.

    Roll on Table 1.D

    71-80 Tail Roll on table 1.E

    81-90 Unusual Biology 1.F

    91-95 Roll twice and combine results ignorerolls of 91+

    96-00 Roll Three times combine resultsignore rolls of 91+

    Strange AppearanceTable: 1.B

    Roll Feature

    01-30 Scaled (Humanoid, Felinoids) or Furred (Reptiloids/Insectoid) +1


    31-40 Quill/Spines (1d4 HTH damage)

    41-70 Strange head Structure (Roll ontable 1.G

    71-80 Bio-luminescent (No need for lightsources)

    81-90 Atypical Alien Form (Roll on table1.H)

    91-95 Roll Twice and Combine results

    96-00 Roll 3 times and combine resultsignore rolls of 91+

    Why the ARCHIVE?

    The ARCHIVE was introducedin Delver #6 in response to Myplayers have too many artifacts,what should I do? type questionswhich plagued the first edition of the game.

    When DDB (Derelict DelversBeta) came out in 1981, we addedthe ARCHIVE. We also addedrules for artifact sacrifice providingexperience points to the character as a reward for their retrieval.

    It made sense that in the busyuniverse, an adventuring societymight have some support systemin the settings.


    Does the ARCHIVE haverivals? We've left that up to theindividual DM's to decide.

    A benevolent and colossalcorporation that is dedicated to thefurthering of knowledge for thegreater good fits with the spaceopera theme of Derelict Delvers.

    However rival foundations,rogue governments, paramilitaries,and unlicensed pirate delvers,can add spice to an ordinaryseeming delve in a modest ship.Feel free to create them!

  • 8/9/2019 Derelict Delvers July


    Strange Sensory Organs

    Table: 1.C

    Roll Feature

    01-30 No Obvious Eyes or Ears (+4 toresist sensory attacks))

    31-40 Tactile Hairs (+2 Initiative)

    41-70 Echolocation (Can see incomplete darkness.)

    71-80 Multiple Eyes (+2 Notice)

    81-90 Kirlian Sense (Can sense Esper abilities and Psitech)

    91-95 Antennae (Cannot be surprised)

    96-00 Roll Twice More and Combine .Ignore Rolls of 96+

    Alternate Environmental Adaptations

    Table: 1.DRoll Feature

    01-30 Amphibious (Can breath air or water)

    31-40 Gliding Membranes (Descentsafely at twice moving speed

    due to patagia)

    41-70 Climbing Adaptation (Clawsor Suction cups on digits +4

    Climb Rolls)

    71-80 Light Armored Hide (Ab: 2)

    81-90 Heavy Armored Hide (Ab: 4)

    91-95 Roll once on another racesfeatures (DM's choice)

    96-00 Roll once on another racesfeatures (Player's Choice)

    Humans as standard?

    Yes, essentially the old standbyof humankind is fairly standard inArchive space. This doesn't meanthere aren't non-humanoids. It is

    just that a vast number of human or human-like races exist in ArchiveSpace.

    The exact cause for this isunknown to Archive scientists.

    ARCHIVE scientists theorize thatit is simple parallel evolution fromsimilar environments.

    Other more extreme theoriesclaim that all races in ARCHIVEspace descent from experiments theAncients performed, thus utilizingcommon genetic pool from asingular template or prototypespecies.

    The game designers suggesteach DM decide for themselves whyhumanoids are so widespread.

    Nearly all PC races will have ahead, two arms, and two legs.

    There are some variants of coursepopular in Derelict Magazine, Alsoexamine the Insectoid race profilefor a number of possible exceptions.

  • 8/9/2019 Derelict Delvers July



    Table: 1E

    Roll Feature

    01-30 Decorative Tail (+1 Cha)

    31-40 Manipulative Tail (+1 Dex)

    41-70 Light Striking Tail (1d6)

    71-80 Heavy Clubbing Tail (1d10)

    81-90 Stinger Tail (1d4 damage/KnockOut vs Con, 1d10 rounds)

    91-95 Stinger Tail (1d8 damage, Lethal,Save vs Con, Ignite, )

    96-00 Roll Twice more and combineresults ignore rolls 96+

    Unusual BiologyTable: 1.F

    Roll Feature01-30 Superior Metabolism (1/2

    food and water requirements)

    31-40 Variant Diet (+1 Stat DM'schoice based on diet


    41-70 Variant Gravity (+1 Str for High G, +1 Dex for Low G)

    71-80 Unusual Organic Attack (Firebreath, Laser Eyes, etc 1d12damage or