Deodorants + Antiperspirants= Odor-Killer? Or Just Plain Killer?

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Transcript of Deodorants + Antiperspirants= Odor-Killer? Or Just Plain Killer?

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  • Deodorants + Antiperspirants= Odor-Killer? Or Just Plain Killer?
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  • My Stance Aluminum containing deodorants lead to, or increase the incidence of breast cancer
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  • Social/Economic View - Everyone wants to be dry, and know that they can raise their arm and not have pit stains, but they also want to be fresh and not stink; hence Antiperspirants, They have odor blockers and chemicals to hold sweat in, and with different fragrances. - Sweating is a natural process. Not many see that.
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  • Whats in Antiperspirants.. Aluminum-a silver-white metallic element, light in weight, malleable, and not readily corroded or tarnished, occurring in nature in igneous rock, shale, clay, and most soil: used in alloys and for lightweight utensils, castings, airplane parts, etc. Zirconium- a metallic element found combined in zircon, resembling titanium; chemically used in steel as a scavenger, and as a refractory.
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  • #1, active antiperspirant, for 40 years.
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  • Links to breast cancer. Parabens (aluminum chloride) have molecules that can leak into our bloodstream and start to accumulate in breast tissue, where they enhance in size and start to emulate the effects of estrogen. More regular the process; the levels of estrogen can stimulate the growth of cancerous cells.
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  • Deodorant Sales & Cancer
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  • Other Data
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  • Organic & Safe options - Toms of Maine, (1970) includes hops, water, sodium, organic aloe, and natural fragrance. All of which do the body no harm & keep you clean + fresh. Jason's organic has been around for the same time span and is just as effective & safe. - Both are affordable, but average anywhere from $4.50-$6.00. A couple dollars more than your average ban or speed stick.
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  • YouTube ature=related ature=related Facts supporting my stance, in science/entertaining form.
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  • Future Ideas/ Plans There are more and more companies out there who are making there products safe and effective for all users. Products need better broadcasting. Studies on aluminum and antiperspirants should be more easily accessible/ maybe with commercials.
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  • Be Happy & Be Healthy
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